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Real Time Publishers Part 2

Posted On: 2006-09-14
Length: 40:06

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Hello and welcome to Business Success Tips. This is part two of our Sean Daley series. And I want everyone to know out there I was inspired by all this book writing, so I am going to write my own book.

You are?

It's going to be the Dummies Guide to Cliff Notes.

Perfect. Perfect.

Look for that in the fall.

Look for that in the, I thought it was going to be what to do with drunk, desperate people, but you know that was from our last show also. So, just to review in case you didn't hear our first show, you should go back and listen to it in case you didn't, Sean, the client of mine from several years ago, college dropout, I just said that for Andy's sake.

I don't know why you do that. Well you know, I deserve a retraction here. Wait a second. When I graduated college, I got a job sitting at a desk, and you know what they gave me? And we're talking, while you were thinking about buying a Commodore 64, this is before the Commodore 64 came out, they gave me an HP 150, brand new, right out of the box. Access to what was called the Arpanet and Hacknet, and access to am ohm doll and a pdp 12, I had unbelievable computing power at my fingertips. I didn't have any deadlines, all I was asked to do was, "here's an idea, go write a program." and for the next six months I just learned and had fun.

Is that when you worked for the government?

Actually, yeah, I was. I was working on an air force contract. And they actually used the software. It was a 9 to 5 job, 40 hours a week. And it was wonderful. I loved it. I did it for 9 years before I eventually went into management and had pain. But, that was what you get when you actually, when you go a certain path, you go that way. Now the downside is, I wasn't an entrepreneur. You know I didn't make a million dollars. I had a regular paycheck, I had security, I bought two houses on that paycheck. Who knows how many cars. And had two kids.

On the paycheck.

I think the best entrepreneurs are those who swim a while with the sharks, you know. Whether it's government or commercial corporations, whatever. You learn what not to do, and you learn the game, and you go out and reinvent the game.

But so many times you get consumed.

Yeah, you get

And I also want to have a moment of silence for our buddy, the crocodile, whatever.

Steven Irwin. A real entrepreneur.

A real shame. He was one of my idols. And obviously if you go out doing things that could kill you all the time, you might eventually get killed. But there was an occupational hazard. I hate to see him go, he was a great guy.

Yeah, one of his friends said on an interview, it's like, what would he say right now about him getting killed by a crocodile, he'd be like, or by the ray, right, he'd be like, Crocs rule. I mean, the guy, that was just his attitude toward life. He wouldn't, you know, bemoan, he wouldn't grieve for his own self. So that's the spirit.

Yeah, he went for it. So on the last show we talked about how Sean went from a, as you said had a bakery or rock circus, Sean knows a lot about computers and he wasn't using his talent correctly, and so as a consultant we advised him to move on and he became an author and eventually got a company called Real Time Publishing started. And if you want to listen to how that started, you can listen to the last show. But as we left our last episode, Sean had started Real Time Publishing...

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