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Secrets Of The Entrepreneur

Posted On: 2006-09-07
Length: 29:50

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And welcome to Business Success Tips yet again. We have yet to be cancelled. And Paul, Lee, Andy are all still here.

Yeah, we're all still here.

Along with our special guest star, Sean Daley.

Hey everybody.

That's right. This is going to be the Sean Daley show.

And actually, well I want to make a little bit of an announcement. Something we forgot to do last week, and this is important. And I think you guys are looking at me like still not remembering what it is, but do you realize we have been on air for a year?

A year!!

So, congratulations for our annual, you know, we've made it a year.

We haven't made any money and been here a year.

We're too stupid to quit.

And actually, how exciting, this is show 69, on top of everything else.

Sixty-nine, wow. Good number.

We're doing good tonight.

She's celebrating.


We have to admit, by the way Sean, we have no female listeners as far as we can tell.

Oh I see, so that's completely safe.

Actually we just have one guy who downloads it 500 times every week.

That's right.

Ooh, they found my secret.

And we pay him well on rent decoder.

That's right.

So, ok. So I just wanted, you know, to bring that up because I thought that was a significant, historic event.

A historic event, or hysteric event.

So all our fans should email us, you know. We've had, it's interesting Sean, we get emails from every place but the United States.

Well, we get them from the U.S.

But mostly they're from South America, Australia, lots of the eastern European block, I guess it's not called east European block any more. Those guys, what do they call them now? The ex-Russians.

The people with all the money.

The Baltic states.

Whatever they call them today, anyhow, lots from over there. Some from England, Ireland, there's the bulk. Some from Japan. But not much from the United States. Surprising.

We have had some from the United States.

So would you please email us at scs@sonic.net.

Maybe you guys are buying the wrong Google ad words or something.

We don't buy anything.

We don't spend any money.

This is the best kept secret in the universe. We just put it out, and you have to really find it.

Cyber grass roots.

Now that's where you can maybe help us, Sean. Maybe you can help us get it out there. We've got this great content, you know, and yet the world doesn't know about us.

You know, we'll see. We'll see. The, uh, that's kind of my new bailiwick, so maybe you'll let me go to school on my own companies, and we'll me see how I do and then you decide how it goes from there.

Well you can use us for free. We're really cheap.

Yeah, we don't pay much of anything.

They don't come any easier than us, that's for sure. Ok. So. Sean Daley is a friend of mine for a long time and a ex-client. We actually made some money together. And so, what I'd like to do, Sean has a very interesting background, and I'm going to sort of go ask Sean his background, how he got started, because he's the epitome of an entrepreneur. Now this show basically is about quit your job. That's our theme.

Cool. That's a cool theme.

Quit your job. Stop working for the man, and go be an entrepreneur and make more money and have more fun.

Sounds good.

That's our theme. Right?


And you're the essence of that.


Yeah, so you can be a sample. You've actually made more money at it, which is really great. So, maybe you can tell us a little bit about your history, how you quit your job, and how you got started.

Absolutely. So the story starts in high school being the computer guy that was kind of the stealth computer guy that, you know, finished the homework assignments for other kids, and was you know the one that was answering questions for the teacher...

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