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Seven Habits of Success

Posted On: 2006-11-16
Length: 20:45

Listen to this podcast

Oh we're actually going now? Fantastic.

Nice way to start.

I know. It's Business Success Tips. It's no big whoop. We can kinda do what we want. Lee's looking at me,

That must mean Lee's here. Hi guys!

And Paul's over there.

I can't seem him through the screens, but I know he's there.

It's fantastic, I love it. And our engineer, Tim, is with us as well.

Oh yeah.


There we go.

So, yes, we're back in Lee's living room like we were last week.

That's right. We're the low overhead operation here.

You know, kicking back in your living room is hard for me to you know really get that professional.

It's our migratory studio.

That's right. Who knows where we'll be next.

Yeah. I think we should do a trip somewhere. We should do a road trip.

We should go to Czech Republic, come on people.

Hey, there's a guy, in invited us

I know, I've told you many times. If you're listening, our friend in Czech Republic, I want to come. Send me a ticket. I'll come by myself.

I was more like thinking about doing, you know, doing a trip to like, Petaluma, or something. And you want to go to the Czech Republic.

Well, the Czech Republic is supposed to have hot chicks.

I know all the chicks in Petaluma. I don't care about that.

Oh yeah, here we go.

I want the Czech chicks.

The Czech chicks. That even sounds good.

Well you know, Petaluma is known for its chickens, no wonder you

That why did the chicken cross the road, running from JC.

That's the sheep.

That's the sheep. Well, there's. Petaluma, the chicks, what is it, the chicks are here the sheep are restless. That's where I went to college.

Well, I don't really recall your college days.

Ok. That's ok.

No, but in the Czech Republic it's your job to cut yourself off beer. Because the bartenders will automatically when you get down to about a quarter left put another beer in front of you. And beer is 50 cents.

I see.

I saw it on the TV.

Now, if you're from the Czech Republic, please send us an e-mail and verify that rumor.

Or just send me a ticket. Forget these guys.

That's right.

I'll give you business knowledge.

So tonight we have a 50,000 celebration.

He's 50,000 years old today.

That's right. No, we have 50,000 downloads, right?

No wonder he's such a wise guy.

Rah rah rah. That's true. Thank you for downloading us. Or uploading us, or whatever

Right, whoever's out there and downloaded us 50,000 times, thank you so much. You must be really busy.

Makes us feel really good. Makes us feel really good.

Makes him feel really good.

That's right. I think they're all probably hot chicks, it's probably some nerd in his trailer, but you never know.

Yeah, one night I was roaming the halls late at night and I saw him over there looking at the old stats, and

I believe it.

Personal moments.

That's right. Get excited about that.

So, we have to talk about something about business, right, to keep our people entertained here.

All right, well what's our topic for tonight, oh wise one?

I'm going to do a book review tonight. I know that sounds really boring, but it's a good book. It's an old book, old tried and true. "The Seven Habits of Highly Successful People."

Steven Covey.

Steven Covey.

Go get a copy.

Go get a copy. So, I'm going to review these, and you guys are going to make brilliant comments, all right?


Some kind of comment, come on, help me out.

Actually, I'm such a big Steven Covey fan that on my desk I even have a Steven Covey calendar.

You do?

You're going to find this hard to believe.

How can you find anything on your desk?

Well, I'm down to one desk. That's the problem. I had more...

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