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Small Business Healthcare

Posted On: 2006-08-01
Length: 55:10

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Welcome everyone! I'm really glad you could join us today for another edition of Small Business Trends Radio. This is Steve Rocinski. I am the show's executive producer and today I am your substitute host filling in for the world-traveling Anita Campbell. But only for this week's show. I'm sorry to say when I tend to fill in that we don't have a Today's Trend segment because Anita is the trend master. She'll be returning next week and I'm sure she'll have another terrific new trend to talk about on the show. So let's move on to the topic of today's show, which is, "The Unhealthy State of Small Business Health Care." We have a special guest, Dawn Rivers Baker, she's the editor and publisher of the Microenterprise Journal, she's our featured guest and she'll be our expert today to talk about the unhealthy state of small business health care.

Today big corporations can afford pricey policies, but small businesses are squeezed, squeezed tightly in the middle with little relief. Dawn, again the editor of Microenterprise Journal, is going to be our expert to review the current estate of health care legislation and what it means for small businesses. Ok. Why don't we get started right away. I'd like to welcome Dawn Rivers Baker from the Microenterprise Journal. Welcome Dawn.

Hi, thanks Steve, how are you?

Terrific. And where are you joining us on the show today from, Dawn?

I work from my home office, which is in upstate New York in a little bity town called Sydney, which recently made headlines because we got flooding up here from the Susquehanna River, which is right across the street from my house.

Oh goodness!

But, it's a lovely little place, and thanks to the Internet, I can work from my office in Sydney and cover small business news in Washington or wherever it's happening.

You bet. I'm in Medina, Ohio, which is about 30 miles south of Cleveland, Ohio in the U.S. Well, why don't you start out a little bit Dawn and tell us about what you do for a living.

Well, I run a publishing company, my publishing company is called Wahmpreneur Publishing, Inc., and in addition to two electronic periodicals, the Microenterprise Journal and the Microbusiness News Brief, I also publish fiction and non-fiction trade paperback books. I spend most of my time working on the newsletter, but that's what I do. I publish trade paperback fiction and non-fiction books and electronic news publications for micro businesses.

Ok. Well, how did, relative to the micro enterprise journal part of your publishing business, how did you come to be publisher of that?

Well, I was looking around back in the late 90s at the whole Internet and e-commerce thing, and I was thinking about getting a little online...

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