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Small Business Marketplace

Posted On: 2005-03-10
Length: 30:00

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Hello and welcome to SMB Trendwire, the audio conversation for the small business marketplace. My name is Steve Rucinski, your host for today's conversation. We're starting a new additional program format for today, called CEO Talks. This is where we will do a 10-question interview with a current small business CEO. Our hope is that you, our listening audience, will acquire some valuable nuggets of information that you can apply in your own business. Today our guest on CEO Talks is Warren Carter, CEO at a terrific small business called My Only One. You can learn more about his business at myonlyone.com. Welcome Warren.

Well, thanks Steve, it's good to be here.

Well, why don't we start right in. Let's get started. Here's question number 1. First to give a little bit of background, why don't you tell us about your business, what you do and

Ok. Well, how long do we have here on this interview?

As long as you want to take.

Just kidding. Well, our business is called Only One, and the reason that it's called Only One is because we provide a communications service that essentially, if people have two or more contact numbers and they're in business and they're trying to be in touch with people, and people are trying to be in touch with them, they need our service. Because our service, it consolidates everything into one number, and it gives individuals control over their communication, lets them know who's calling and allows them to manage their messages, it cuts their costs, it gives them privacy, we call it like a rheostat. You can rheostat your communications from high to low to medium and essentially what it is is a single number for life that individuals get. It's a local number and you put it on your email and your business cards, and you know, your letterhead and signs, and brochures and you now have total complete control over all your communications and then it's your cell number, your work number, your home number, your voice mail, your e-mail, your pager, it's all in one number.

Great. Why don't you tell us about when you started the business and why you started the business.

Well, I'm going to have to go back to 1985 because our business today is a follow-on to a business that I had an opportunity to be involved in from the founding of it when we lived in Upton at the time, we started this business, it's called VoiceTel. It was at that time the introduction of voice mail and voice messaging to the commercial marketplace. And we provided voice messaging, a service bureau, where people would get, then it was another number, it was an alternate number and that number would allow people to interactively have like voice messaging, chat back and forth. They could voice mail people. Well back in 1985 that was like black magic. People didn't have that. They had answering machines and cell phones were just coming into play at that time. But we saw long-term vision that voice mail, voice messaging was going to be a very powerful communication tool in the years and decades...

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