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The Powers Of Selling

Posted On: 2006-12-07
Length: 32:27

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It's time once again for Business Success Tips. We've got Paul, Lee and me. And we have Sean Daley, back again. He came back even though we didn't remember his name.

Oh yeah.

And we have Alan Hardman, again. I hope you've all gone to joydancer.com by now.

Right. You know we've had so many emails about Alan, we just had to bring him back.

Back by popular demand.


That's right.

Create that reality.

That's right. Hey, time is all relative anyway, you know. It's a week later, in all the other people's brains who are listening to this, it is a week later. So it is actually a week later, we're the one in the rude reality.

Yeah, it's a little weak, all right.

I see. So, Alan, welcome back.

Oh, thank you.

How was your week?

You know I had a great week. It went by fast.

Went by just like that!

It's amazing how fast those weeks go by.

Time is speeding up here.

Well it's the whole dream thing. So what advice would you give to our listening audience, now, since you know our listening audience, Lee, who's our listening audience? Would you explain that to me?

Who is our listening audience, I don't know who our listening audience is. From all over the world, basically, mainly men, 25 to 35 I would guess.

We alienated all the women.

You alienated them.

The women have all given up because,

It's true. You have, Paul. Uh, does that describe the audience? What are you getting at, I guess is my question.

No, I want Alan to speak to our audience about what he thinks they need to hear.

Looks like I'm the only one bringing my demographic in.

That's right, you're the only right demographic,

And you don't even listen to the show.

He was talking about eagles and turkeys earlier this week.

Well that could apply.

And since we're near Thanksgiving, I don't know, is this after Thanksgiving?

This is after Thanksgiving.

So, I hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

Well actually, they don't celebrate Thanksgiving in Czechoslovakia.

Oh, that's true. It's certainly a unique American holiday.

Yeah, the Czech Republic has no clue.

They don't probably do 4th of July or anything, huh?

Yeah, no. Not big on them.

So, Alan, let's hear about eagles and turkeys.

Speaking of which,


We were talking about dreaming, to bring that back into

Yeah dreaming.

We were talking about a great sales technique, because these people, my guess is that most our audience is selling something to somebody, in fact we're all selling all the time, whether it's our ideas to other people, we want to get our date to go to a certain movie, we want our employers to give us a raise, you know, on and on, we're always trying to convince people of our way of life or doing something that's to our advantage.

I don't know if that's true, though, is it really? I mean you might do that a lot, but I don't, no I'm serious.

Paul exposes himself.

Oh my god, you found out.

No, but a lot of us tend to listen to the world and pay attention to a lot of what other people say and act accordingly as well. So,

I have a prejudice, all right? Pre-judgment. And that is people should make more money in less time and have more fun. That's a prejudgment I have.

So, what if they have more fun making less money?

I guess that's ok.


It wouldn't be my choice. So I have a prejudgment coming into a client saying how can I help them in my view do better. And I've already defined better. So you had a technique you described earlier about how you can maybe pick up on somebody's reality, that there's a bunch of different realities going on, and how might one acquire the skill to do that so they can understand what the other person's thinking, you know, walk a mile in their moccasin kind of a thing...

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