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Unlocking Growth Potential in Small Business

Posted On: 2006-09-19
Length: 53:29

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Have you ever wanted to grow your business and thought, if I could just find someone I could talk with about my business, someone who could give me the right pointers, show me the right tools, I could work through all these issues getting in the way of growing my business. And I could make faster headway. Now I know I've had that thought many times. And today's guest may have some answers for how to do that. Our guest today is Steven McGill, CEO and founder of Peersites. Now Steve has two decades or more of management consulting experience. He's helped build strong leadership teams; he's helped coach senior executives for many, many well known companies. Steve recently co-founded Peersites which is a new kind of membership organization that serves CEOs and presidents and small business owners. Well welcome to the show, Steve. Now business growth, everyone talks about it. Most of us want to grow our businesses. How big a difference does getting the right kinds of support and insight really make towards growth?

First of all Anita, thanks for having me on this show. I'm delighted to be here and I am really passionate about the topic that we're going to be talking about today. Your question of how important is it to get the insight, I think it's critical. I don't candidly believe that you can grow without it. We as human beings, as we all know, are sort of limited by our own perspective and our own lens, and it's only when somebody else from the outside can come up and tell us, look at it a little bit differently, think of it this way, or I think you're stuck in a rut, only then can we grow and in fact grow our business. I mean, after all it's been said a lot of times, but Tiger Woods has a coach, and there's a reason for it, and it's because he can't see specifically what he's doing. And growing a business is much like that as well.

Well Steve, I have been to the Peersites website and I have to tell you, I'm very impressed. It is packed full of resources. It's got a lot of information in it. I'm intrigued. Tell us a little about Peer Site.

Sure. Peersites is a, in its broadest term is a membership organization for small business leaders, CEOs, presidents and owners, and it was primarily set up to be committed to growing businesses, helping businesses grow, and, if I might add, more profitably. So it's growing and more profitably, and at the core of that is the model that's about a hundred years old, a practice that's about a hundred years old and it's used by thousands of small business leaders all over the world, and that's known as peer advisory boards. I suspect most of the listeners have probably heard of peer advisory boards at one time or another. We believe that we've taken that to the next level, if you will, and I realize that's a bit overused terminology, but we've de-enabled it, I guess as my son calls it, I call it virtual, I'm a little...

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