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Working as a Contractor

Posted On: 2005-11-24
Length: 21:28

Listen to this podcast

Well hey there, ladies and gents. We're back again. We're going to be a little mellow in this show, I think, because the last show got a little heated.

No we're not. You're wrong.

As you can tell, I've got the usual suspects. We've got Lee.

Hey there, hey there, hey there.

We've got Dr. Andy.

I'm right here.

Over-educated bum.

You've got a problem with that, don't you?

Oohhh. And that saucy little mouth over there, is, Paul.

See, the reality is that you're jealous, aren't you?.

I know. I could have been a Dr. Sanneman. I never made it.

Can't you guys wait until we get through the intro to start arguing?

My mom's son's a doctor.

That's right. I know. That's right, I dropped out, I go, I have news for you my mom, I said shit, I'm for my mom.

Well, your mother's Jewish, so she must be very proud of you.

I'm glad you made your mother happy, no matter what it taught you to do.

But seriously,

I made the Registrar of the university very happy with my payments.

That's right. Waste of money.

Ok. So, what is our topic for the night there, Dr.

Raise by blackmail.

So here we go. You mean, what do you mean by that? Like an African American male raised you?

Raise by blackmail?

No. No. Raise by blackmail. You don't get it?


I don't get it.

No, there's a lot, I deal with a lot of employers. Raise by blackmail is when you're a contractor, and you're way overbooked, and you've got, let's say, I don't know. Plumbers. And you need 10 plumbers and you've got four and you're working really hard and you're asking me to put out, and you know and everything's going, and all of a sudden the plumber comes in, and says, "you know what, I want a $10 an hour raise or I quit."

Or these are raises, by blackmail.

Oh salary raises.

Ah. OK. That clarifies it.

That definitely has a lot more to do with business.

So this will work for everybody. You know. Native American Indians,

I just got that. I just had that happen to me.

Ok. Tell us about it.

I had an employee, I mean we're about to go into the Christmas season, and all my employees know it. I had one employee who just gave me notice. And I really liked this guy, I don't want him to leave. He's a nice guy and he works really hard, and I thought, what's really going on here, is it money? Oh no, no, no. Well if it's not money, I just wanted you to know I was about to give you a good raise. Well, maybe I'll stay.

That's when you say, you're fired.

He's not staying, he's not staying.

That's when he's fired.

So, first place, the atmosphere of raise by blackmail is created by the employer.

I'm going to go, I'm going to talk a little bit too about, if you're a consultant, do you do raises by blackmail? Have you ever asked your clients for increases?

Now that's an interesting question.

Yeah it is.

You get them over a barrel and you can say to them, well I'll finish the job, but my hourly rate's gone up.

Yeah, because you guys are always telling me I need to raise my hourly rate.

That's a nasty thing to do.

That's not good. That's not a good thing.

No, so is that blackmail? Am I doing blackmail if I ask a client for more money?


No, no. No it's not, because if you sincerely feel,

Well, wait. I'm their employee.

If you change your rates

Well, if it's a current project, yes it's blackmail, but if it's a new project, then

It's a new...

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