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Tip of the Day Don't try to Pick Stocks

Don't try to Pick Stocks - Some of us when we have extra money think that we can invest it in the stock market and earn some returns on...

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Being Comfortable With Your Finances

Posted On: 2006-10-09Length: 13:34

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Hi this is Joan and this is episode 59 of The Prosperity Show. Thanks for tuning in. Our main site is prosperityplace.com where you can find lots of information to help you improve your relationship with money and yourself. You can also find information about my book, "Build your Money Muscles-9 Simple Exercises for Improving your Relationship with Money." If you want to contact me for any reason, the address is joan@theprosperity.com. And I want to thank the people who have been contacting me and telling me their experiences as a result of listening to this show. I have no idea what's happening with people who listen to this show, and I wonder sometime if it's making any difference. And two people wrote to me this week and their money has really changed, how they're taking care of their money. One person said he's not making any more money, but he sure has more money at the end of the month because he's managing his money so much better. And that's really an important point, because people who think that the key to prosperity is making a lot of money don't realize that the key to prosperity is managing the money that you have really well. Book, "The Millionaire Mind," by Thomas Stanley. He cites a lot of studies about millionaires and what they do and who they are and one of the things they do is they save a lot of their money. They use discount coupons and they are actually very careful with their money. Most people think that rich people just spend money wildly all the time, and that isn't what it is at all. In order to get wealthy you have to manage your money well. You have to save some and build up a surplus. And you have to spend less than you earn. It's pretty simple. So I really appreciate the people who tell me that they're actually starting to do this when they hadn't before. That's fabulous, and I want to give you all gold stars for doing that.

Today I want to talk about something, I had an Ah-Ha this week that opened up a whole new idea for me, and I want to share it with you. I haven't totally thought it through, but it's the kind of thing when I talk about it, I'll probably see more about it. As you know, one of the things we talk about a lot is that you create your reality with your thoughts, beliefs and emotions. And that your life's stories are actually a reflection of the emotions that are hidden deep within you. The emotions can be what we call positive emotions, or they can be the emotions of discomfort. And in order to find out why you create what you create, you have to look at the feelings. So when I do coaching with people, when they tell me their money stories, I can usually figure out what's going on because it's easy for me to figure out what they're feeling, even if they don't understand it. So let me give you an example of what happened, and I have permission from my coaching client to discuss this. What happened the other day, and what I was able to see. This person, let's call him Mike, who I've been working with...

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superiorpaper.com said:

Managing money and dealing with these ideas is always so good for the people. I really like the way you shared this information regarding prosperity and the way people need to make and manage their money.

vivavideo app said:

I like the work you do so thumbs up


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