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Posted On: 2006-12-05Length: 16:40

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Hi this is Joan and this is episode 64 of The Prosperity Show. Thanks for tuning in. Our main site is prosperityplace.com where you can find lots of information for improving your relationship with money and yourself. You can also find information about my book "Build your Money Muscles-9 Simple Exercises for Improving your Relationship with Money." It makes a great gift, and it's on sale right now, so this is a good time to take a look at it. Just go to prosperityplace.com and click on the links that say "Build your Money Muscles" and it'll get you right there.

I had quite a harrowing week this week. My dog, Lucky, who's a wonderful seven-year-old terrier mix, cocker terrier mix, suddenly got week last Wednesday, and by Thursday she was really in bad shape. I took her to the vet an her blood count had really dropped, and by Friday it was so low that she had to have an immediate blood transfusion in order to keep her alive. It was amazing how quickly it all happened. She had an ultrasound on Thursday, so there was no internal bleeding and there were no tumors. They did a panel for ticks to see if she'd gotten a tick bite, and that was negative, so we had no idea what happened. But it's taken since last Thursday till today for it to start turning around. The blood tests this morning showed that she was making new blood cells and she had started eating last night. So it was an amazing experience and gave me a real opportunity to try what I've been teaching about getting your mind in the right place. Cause it was so easy based on some of the things they were saying, like it could be leukemia, it could be bone marrow disease. The doctors were being very careful. And they were wonderful doctors. Doctors at the Cedarwood Clinic here were fabulous. They've been giving her fluid under her skin every day. I mean they're taking exquisite care of her. But they were afraid she wasn't going to make it. And in order for me to keep from going crazy and getting really stressed out, the only thing I could do was stay focused in the moment. Because in the moment she was alive and there was hope. It was only when I went to the future and started projecting a negative outcome, that I really got stressed. And I realize that for her, it was better if I could be in appositive state and encourage her in any way I could. So I really got an opportunity to practice what I preach, and keep myself in as positive a state of mind as possible. When it was right before the blood transfusion, and she was really just barely there, I let myself cry and get upset just sad. It was just sadness. Cause it had happened so quickly. And I would really miss this little dog. She's absolutely a wonderful dog. And I had lots of people praying for her, all the people at dog park and the...

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buy dissertation said:

This is great podcast which always think about the people are their life. It is very important for everyone to build their finance and do some savings from their earning for their future life. Joan you have given very good advice and tips to build their own money muscle in each and every person which is very good thing.

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