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Consider Itemizing Your Deductions - Every year we have to file taxes and the tax man wait with anticipation to see how you will fair, so don't disappoint him, but...

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Earn Money With a Small Business

Posted On: 2006-04-12Length: 15:01

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Hi this is Joan, and this is episode 39 of The Prosperity Show. Thanks for tuning in. Today we're going to talk about whether starting your own business is the way for you to achieve prosperity. We'll get to that in a moment, but first I'd like to remind you that if you want to get in touch with me, my email address is joan@theprosperityshow.com. And I love to hear from people out there. I love to hear your comments and your questions, and it makes it easier for me to do this when I know that someone's actually listening and has something to say about it. And I really do appreciate every single one who has already sent me an email or made a comment on the show. Our main site is prosperityplace.com where you can find lots of information about how to improve your relationship with money and yourself. There's lots of free stuff there. There's also my book, "Build your Money Muscles," and on May 27 in Santa Fe we're going to be putting on a full-day seminar called "Is your Inner Child Keeping you Broke?" There's information about that at innerchildseminars.com. I'll have a link to that in our show notes. And one more thing, I just put a video up on prosperityplace.com. This company called Authorviews did a video for me about my book, and I think it's really cool to have a video of that kind of quality up on the site. So you can see it at prosperityplace.com

So let's look at today's topic, which is whether starting up your own business is your way to become prosperous and wealthy. And what stimulated my choosing this topic is that I've talked to a couple of coaching clients this week who are involved in starting a business, or who are thinking about starting a business. And then I was looking at one of Brian Tracey's newsletters and he constantly is saying that the best way to become wealthy is to start your own business and earn it all by yourself. He says, and this is a quote, "starting your own business has been and will always be the high road to becoming wealthy for most self-made millionaires." And a lot of people try to go into business for themselves in one form or another. A lot of people who get into network marketing see that as a way to have their own business. The fact is that 80% of businesses fail. And that's because I believe the entrepreneur or the entrepreneur wannabe, did not have the skills or the temperament for having their own business. Having your own business is very different from having a job. I always say that the hardest part of being in business for yourself is the yourself part. Because it's you. If you're used to a very social situation and you need to have other people around you all the time, and you're starting a new business, well you're not going to have a lot of people around you. It's you, and you're the one who gets to make the decisions. You're also the one who gets to decide what you do every day. It's like sitting down to write a book and what you're looking at is a blank piece of paper...

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