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Financial Planning and Coaching

Posted On: 2005-11-15Length: 14:17

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Hi this is Joan, and this is Prosperity Show number 14. I wasn't here on Saturday because I was busy doing the flu, having a little fever, and couldn't get out of bed, let alone do a podcast. But I got to kind of look at the show and decide what I want to do from here on in, and at least for the next segment. And what I really like to do is inspire and motivate you to really make changes. So many people study this kind of stuff, and they don't really take the steps. So one of the things we're going to do is make suggestions for real life things that you can do a little bit here, a little bit there, that I guarantee that if you follow these things that I'm suggesting, your finances are going to change and your life is going to change. Because prosperity is so much more than just more money. It's about feeling good about you, your life, and everything about the space that you occupy on the planet. And there's an idea I want to start with today, which is about creating your own inner coach. And I guarantee if you take this one idea and follow it through that it will make a tremendous difference in your life.

The idea is to get rid of the critical parent, or any other negative voice that lives in your head. Now the critical parent you can pretty much identify it as one of your parents, or some authority figure in your life, and the idea is to actually imagine if you will that you're packing up a suitcase and sending them, giving them a suitcase and sending them on their way. Goodbye. We've had enough of you, we don't need you anymore. Goodbye. You're fired. And instead to hire a very active coach who's there to go, "You're doing a great job. Boy are you terrific. Wow, that was really good what you did today. Boy you couldn't have done a better job any other way." A coach who's there to help you. And if the coach needs to help you find different solutions to things, to do it in a way that's very reinforcing, and not demeaning, and the opposite of the critical voice that might be living in your head now. And how is this going to affect your prosperity? Well first of all, it's going to put you into a different mind set. If you think about how you talk to yourself now, most people I talk to are not really nice to themselves. They look in the mirror, they're not nice. They do lots of things that aren't particularly good to themselves. And if you think in terms of having this coach, this coach that's always with you, that never leaves you and loves you unconditionally, whatever's going on in your mind is make believe. It's just in your mind. It's what you're making up in your mind. So you might as well make up a wonderful story. You can have...

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