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Tip of the Day Consider Itemizing Your Deductions

Consider Itemizing Your Deductions - Every year we have to file taxes and the tax man wait with anticipation to see how you will fair, so don't disappoint him, but...

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How to Create Wealth

Posted On: 2006-02-15Length: 15:24

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Hi, this is Joan and this is episode 31 of The Prosperity Show. Thanks for tuning in. Today I'm going to ask you the question, how committed are you to becoming wealthy? But before we get to that, our main site is prosperityplace.com where you can find lots of information about how to improve your relationship with money and yourself. If you want to contact me my email is joan@theprosperityshow.com, or you can call our voice mail line at 206-888-HELP. That's 206-888-4357.

So the question today is, how committed are you to becoming wealthy? Because if you're really committed to it, what are you doing on a daily basis to reach that goal? And let's take a look at what that means, to become wealthy if you're not wealthy now. First of all, when people tell me they want to earn a lot of money, I ask them why. What is it that you want to do with your money, or why is it that you want a lot of money? And I get answers like, I like expensive things. Or, I want to be free to do whatever I want. I want the freedom to do that. I want to feel secure. And my, and another one is I want to give money away. That's a very common one. I want to make two million dollars a year so I have plenty of money to give away. When people tell me they want to be wealthy and they like expensive things and they want to be free to do whatever they want, then I often ask them, well how much do you have to earn, or how much does your net worth have to be in order for you to do that? And the next logical question is, well, how well do you take care of your money now? Because with more money you actually have to do more work taking care of your money. If you're not taking care of it by yourself, you have to have a vocabulary, some sort of sense, so that you can talk to your financial advisors, otherwise you're just handing over your power, and it's very possible to choose financial advisors who will help you maintain your current identity and help you lose whatever you gain. That does happen to people. So, if you're going to make a lot of money, then you have to have some money skills, and I wonder when I talk to people, how many of them are really serious about becoming wealthy. It seems to me that a lot of people I talk to who do not make say more than say $40 to $80,000 a year, very often there's a feeling inside well, I would like it to just show up. I shared the other day that 20% of people think that winning a lottery is a way of accumulating wealth. And to my surprise, 8% of the people who graduate from college think that that's a way to make money. So it doesn't have anything to do with smartness or education...

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Definition of the Day Fully Valued

Fully Valued - Fully valued is the tracking of a particular stock security investment following it to its natural conclusion. When the stock price has reached its peak maturity based on market value it is difficult to know if that stock security will continue going up or begin to come...

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