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Increasing Income by Networking

Posted On: 2005-12-14Length: 14:35

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Hi this is Joan, and this is episode 21 of The Prosperity Show. Thanks for being here today. Our main site is prosperityplace.com, where you can find lots of information about how to improve your relationship with money and yourself. Today's show is about how bringing more people into your ife will up your income. If you want to contact us, you can write to me at Joan@theprosperityshow.com, or you can call our voice mail at 206-888-HELP. That's 206-888-4357. And I really do like to hear from you to find out what you'd like us to talk about, or what's bothering you. Be in touch. This is your show, not just mine. And I did get a call from Christine a few days ago, and I'm going to play what Christine had to say, and then make some comment on it. So here, it's about a one-minute clip. Here's Christine talking.

'Hi, Joan. My name is Christine. I suffer from sort of a low-grade depression and it has definitely inhibited my ability to grow my business. I have taken some steps to come out of that, and I am, to some extent, but I see myself falling back into old behaviors, and I'm at a point now where I feel really stuck. I love my business but I'm about half way to where I need to be, and I just am sort of, just don't know what to do. I feel like I hate working alone, but I don't want to work with anybody else, because I've had bad experience in the past, so I don't know quite what to do with myself, and I felt a glimpse of coming out of the depression a couple months ago, and now I'm kind of back in it. And I don't know if it's the chicken or the egg. I don't know if I'm depressed because of my business, or because I work alone, or, I just go back and forth. I figured if I had more people, I'm really quite confused right now. Thank you. Bye bye."

Thank you Christine. And I chose to use this because what Christine is saying, just applies to so many people, especially people who are in business for themselves. I always say the worst part about being in business for yourself is the yourself part. You have to make all the decisions by yourself, you have to do a lot of things yourself, and you're responsible. It's like no matter how many people you have around you in the business, there's something about the colonel being the head of the business that is kind of an alone position. But what Christine is feeling really applies to people who have small businesses. And they tend to spend time by themselves in their offices, working on their stuff, and Christine realizes, as part of what she's saying, that maybe she does need new people, but she doesn't like having other people in the business. Well you don't have to have other people in the business. You just need people. Money comes from people. Money's never separate from people. And as we've talked about in the past, money, your relationship with money really is a reflection...

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