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Journaling In Business

Posted On: 2006-07-07Length: 14:36

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Hi, this is Joan and this is episode 50 of The Prosperity Show. We've reached a milestone. Thanks for tuning in. Today we're going to talk about journaling as a tool for helping you develop a more prosperous financial position. But first let me tell you that our main site is prosperityplace.com, where you can find lots of free information to help you improve your relationship with money and yourself. Also, let me mention that I didn't do a show last week. I've been experiencing the chaos of change which I'm sure if you're working on changing your financial position, then you go through these periods of chaos. Where it sometimes feels like everything's falling apart. Because it is. Because you're creating something new, and in order for new to take place, you have to destroy the old. The Hindus have a god named Shiva who's in charge of destruction because it's part of the natural process of change. So, you'll probably experience it somewhere along the line where everything is a little chaotic and the people who you thought were the best people in the life are no longer the best people, and people change, and what you're doing changes, and what you think was right or wrong changes, it's chaos. But I've been through this enough times to know that at the end there is a positive shift. And that's the tough part. Because you need to have that faith in order to get to the chaos without going to therapy, or thinking you really need help. And actually you could need help. But the help doesn't have to be psychological help. You could just need a friend to talk to, or a coach. I know during this period I actually changed coaches because I saw that the coach I was using before was kind of tuned in to helping me maintain who I was. And as I move forward into this new arena, I need someone else, so that's part of the process too. But one of the tools that I use when I'm going through anything difficult is journaling. It's a way of expressing what's going on inside of you. And actually finding solutions from yourself. Because when you do journaling over a long period of time, it becomes a tool that you could say is for accessing your higher power, so to speak. And I'll go over some of the basics of journaling today, and I hope you'll give it a try. In my book, "Build your Money Muscles," I do talk about creating a prosperity journal. And all throughout the book there are suggestions for doing things in your prosperity journal that have to do specifically with changing our financial identity. And we're certainly not going to go into that today. But I want to talk about journaling. Now what I do is, I use...

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mcm outlet said:

Hi, this is Joan and this is episode 50 of The Prosperity Show. We've reached a milestone. Thanks for tuning in.

essayontime essay writing review said:

This was a whole new idea that journalism in business and i feel free to know what would be the outcome with this. I am glad to know the book of building money muscles which i was planning to do. Its quite inspirational to me.

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