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Maximizing Cash Flow

Posted On: 2005-12-17Length: 13:46

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Hi, this is Joan and this is episode 22 of The Prosperity Show. Thanks for tuning in. Today we're going to talk about how clutter can interfere with your cash flow. But before we get to that, I just want to remind you that if you need to connect or ask a question, my email address is Joan@theprosperityshow.com, or you can call our voice mail at 206-888-HELP. That's 206-888-4357. And our main site is prosperityplace.com where you can find lots of information to help you improve your relationship with money and yourself, including the book "Build Your Money Muscles-9 Simple Exercises for Improving your Relationship with Money" which is now available on Amazon.com or on our site where it's bundled with the audio "Is Your Inner Child Keeping you Broke."

So, let's talk about clutter and as we do this, if you're not driving in your car, if you're in your home or your office, take a look around you and see what you see. Is everything kind of organized and in its place? If you want to find something can you go right to it? Are there empty spaces on your shelves, in your closets, or is everything crowded and cluttered? Money is energy and cash flow, you think of it like a river that flows through your life. And if there are dams, the river can't flow freely and the flow is going to get blocked. So, the idea is to keep the flow open and flowing naturally. And clutter can interfere with your cash flow in a number of ways. First of all, it does interfere with cash flow management. In order to deal with finances successfully, you have to have the ability to handle multiple streams of income, and make your payments in a timely manner, and manage your money well. And it's very difficult to do this if you don't know where all your money is and what you owe, and everything isn't in an organized fashion. Financial vagueness syndrome is one of the symptoms that is fed by clutter. If you think about how you keep your bills, what kind of system you have for paying your bills and for writing down your money, cause as you know, one of the things that we suggest that everyone do is take care of your money by writing it down and keeping track of your expenses and your income. Money goes to people who love and take care of it. And the thing that money loves the most is being counted. And it's good to have a system. It can be a very simple system. You can look something like Quicken or QuickBooks to have a specific schedule when you take care of your money, and how you handle your bills. When they come in the mail, have a particular folder to put them in, but if everything just kind of...

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