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Tip of the Day Borrow No More Than 30% of Your Available Credit

Borrow No More Than 30% of Your Available Credit - You should borrow no more than 30% of your available credit each month if you wish to keep your credit...

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Personal Financial Growth

Posted On: 2006-05-10
Length: 15:47

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Hi this is Joan and this is episode 43 of The Prosperity Show. Thanks for tuning in. Today we're going to talk about something that is so simple, it seems impossible that it will change your life, but I promise it will. But first, let me tell you that our main site is prosperityplace.com where you can find lots of information to help you improve your relationship with money and yourself. You'll also find my book, "Build your Money Muscles," and you can read about it on prosperityplace.com.

So what is this thing that can really change your life? Well first of all, I've been thinking about this a lot. And the main, one of the main theories on the personal growth and development path, if you're on it, is that something's wrong with you and needs to be fixed. That seems to be the focus of therapy. Something's wrong with me and I need to fix it. And we get into this habit of looking for the things that are wrong with us, rather than focusing on what's right with us. And if you're life is an expression of your thoughts, beliefs and emotions, and you're always looking for what's wrong with you, well, it's pretty hard to create a life that's really comfortable when you focus is on what's wrong, rather than what's right. Even if you have a grateful attitude and you've been doing your gratitude stuff. If you still think that there's a point where you'll be ok rather than today, then you're working on the theory that you need fixing. And I'd like to change that kind of point of view that people have about themselves, and say instead of saying something's wrong with me and I need fixing. To say, I'm fine just the way I am. There is nothing wrong with me, nothing that needs fixing. Now a lot of people are afraid to say that because they think if they say that their lives are going to stay exactly as they are. But the fact is, that you can look at your life as being fine, but that you're going to look at it with a new eye and decide if there are things you would like to choose to do differently. And something doesn't have to be wrong or bad or something wrong with you in order to want to fix it. It's just a choice you're making to do something different. And when you approach your life with this attitude, that there's nothing wrong with you that needs fixing, it's a whole different way of looking at yourself and behaving. If you want to improve your self image, well the first thing you have to do is decide that you're' ok. If you want to fix your self image by fixing what's wrong with you, then you're not fixing your self image. You're not changing your self image. If you're...

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