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Personal Power and Prosperity

Posted On: 2005-11-08
Length: 13:18

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Hi this is Joan, and this is the Prosperity Show #13. It's nice to have you here today. Our main site is prosperityplace.com, where we teach people how to improve their relationship with money and themselves, and that's what we do on this podcast as well. And today we're going to talk about personal power and how yours affects your levels of prosperity, and how you can improve your personal power in order to change your financial position. And let's look first at what personal power is. It's actually an energy that people exude. There's two kinds of power, if you look at it sort of it from the eastern philosophy point of view. There's yin power and yang power. The yang power is male, outgoing, if it's pushed far it's the aggression, and the female power is very much a magnetic power, a drawing in. And the idea is to have a balance between those two and to be able to be present in your life and have what you want and need come to you. When I say want, let's say the things you need to reach the goals that come from that deep inner place where you know you're doing what you need to do to express yourself authentically in your life. I'm not necessarily talking about wanting in the greed sense. It's more of a wanting in a wanting to be complete in life. And being willing to live one's mission. Which is getting a little philosophical, but, and we could go off on that track. But I want to stay focused on the idea of assessing your personal power and how to increase it. In order to express your personal power you have to be willing to do it. Which means being willing to take responsibility for creating your life. And we've talked in the past about the fact that you create your financial position with your thoughts, beliefs, emotions and behaviors. And that there's a pretty good chance that in order to change your financial position, you're going to have to change your thoughts, beliefs, emotions and behaviors. And part of the change comes from this inner place where you're willing to take responsibility for your life. Where you're willing to never be a victim. In the 12-step programs there's an expression, "there are no victims, there are only volunteers." The idea is to become someone who is not the victim of circumstances, the victim of other people, where you don't blame what...

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