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Risk Management and Finance

Posted On: 2007-01-07
Length: 21:36

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And welcome to another session of on-demand radio with The Market Guys. This is Rick Swope and today's topic is going to be a little bit off the beaten path, but I think you're going to find it very interesting. With me today, AJ Monte is not in the studio today, but we do have a special guest, and that is Dean Rossen. Now Dean and I will be speaking today about the physiological aspects of risk management and finance. But before we get into that, I want to introduce you to Dean. Dean, welcome to the show today. And would you just kind of give us kind of the Reader's Digest version of how you got into this business and describe a little bit about what you do for us?

Thanks, Rick. Primarily what I've been is in health and fitness over 23 years, primarily in the physical exercise. It was about maybe 10 years ago I found myself obese, believe it or not. I wasn't involved in the nutrition aspect of health and fitness, just primarily exercise physiology, and even helped body builders develop muscle mass to enter the body building contest. But I remember just gaining weight over a long period of time, you know, marriage, work became very busy. I had an injury, we started having children, and the next thing I know I was approximately 220 pounds, none of which I could say was muscle, since I had an injury. Then I had my wife take before picture of me, and I had that placed on a mirror and on my refrigerator.

But you didn't show this to anybody until the after was done. Right.

Well that's true. I had to take the one off the refrigerator because we had guests coming over. But I made sure that I had that before me, and what I did was, by the time I was 40 years old, I was able to enter a body-building contest in the NPC Northern USA. And I did pretty well. I went from being obese, and I went down to 167 pounds of lean muscle. I developed about 15 pounds of muscle, so I probably lost a lot more fat than what the weight indicated. I became a certified sports nutritionist, certified personal trainer, health and fitness specialist, in the process of writing two books at the moment, and we've also been on 1100 radio stations being interviewed by geez, quite a few deejays throughout several different countries.

So when you talk about this topic, this is not something that's just academic for you. You've actually lived this, you've been in the trenches where we're going to be talking today. The excess weight, the lack of sleep, the lack of exercise, all this kind of stuff. You've got the before and after, so for you this is not just an academic exercise.

That is correct. As a matter of fact, not only have I seen it in my own life, I have helped virtually hundreds, if not thousands of people throughout the country as I travel the United States giving seminars, workshops, speaking at any opportunity that I can to help people, and I have hundreds of victory stories, because this works. Physiologically it's accurate.

Well now Dean, for those of our audience who have heard us for a while, they may remember that last year we did a show with a fellow by the name of Graham Mulder, and it was a very well-received show. And if you're new to the audience, you may be saying, well now what in the world does this topic of health and fitness have to do with finances? I'm listening to a...

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