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Smart Money Management

Posted On: 2006-09-25

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Hi this is Joan and this is episode 58 of The Prosperity Show. Thanks for tuning in. Today we're going to talk about acting as if. And other principles of the law of attraction, and why they may not be working for you. But before we get to that, let me tell you that our main site is prosperityplace.com where you can find lots of information to help you improve your relationship with money and yourself. Take a look at my book, "Build your Money Muscles-9 simple exercises for improving your relationship with money," and other free stuff that we have on the site.

So I got an email the other day from someone who was a bit confused about the acting as if principle. And she said that she's heard many times that if you act as if, you'll get what you actually want. And she said, supposing I act as if I already have a boyfriend and do the stuff that we do together, and I go shopping for dresses, so that I please him, and actually behave as if I have this boyfriend, that he should show up, right? And he didn't show up. So I feel really hurt and that maybe I'm misunderstanding something. And she also wanted to know if she should act as if by always buying the more expensive things because that's acting as if she's wealthy, and on and on about how things aren't going right for her, and what she did was, quit her job so that the vacuum of nothing would be filled in with a job that she loves. So what's wrong with the thinking? Let's take a look at this. First of all, the law of attraction is a law, so it works. If it's not working for you, then you may not seeing it from the right point of view, and what I've seen over the years is that people want their lives to change, but they don't want to change. It's not unusual for people to crave large sums of money and go about their business the same way they always have. And have the same thoughts, beliefs, emotions and behaviors that they've had all along, and expect to make more money. It just doesn't work that way. Money is just one aspect of your life and it is congruent with who you are. So, if you're not happy with your job, it's not that there's something wrong with the job, it's that you have a need to be unhappy with your job. Now this may be hard to understand. But if you create your reality to express a group of feelings that are hidden deep within you, then you're going to create the perfect situation for what you need to be who you are emotionally. And all the acting as if in the world is not going to work if underneath...

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