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Life Insurance Questions

Posted On: 2006-01-17Length: 14:52

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Hey everybody, and welcome back to the Debt Podcast. My name is Jay Fleischman and I am going to be your guide today through the world of personal finance. Yesterday we did not have a show because it was Martin Luther King Day, so for anybody who tried to download a show yesterday, sorry. I forgot to mention the fact that the offices of the Debt Podcast were going to be closed yesterday. But we are back here today with a brand new resolution helper for you, and today is the first time that I am recording using Cast Blaster, so, unfortunately, we're going to be doing the show in two takes, so you may get a little bit of a skip about 10 minutes through. I'm only going to be using the trial version today, because I kind of want to jump my feet into the water, so to speak, and try to figure out whether this is going to work for us. If it does, please understand I will be buying the full version of Cast Blaster within the next day or so, so you will not have to hear the skip at the 10-minute mark. But, let's just jump straight into the resolution helper, shall we?

Here is today's resolution helper.

Ok. And today's resolution helper is about life insurance. Lots of folks come to me with life insurance questions and life insurance issues. A lot of people in my bankruptcy practice come to me with some life insurance that they may have through their employers. Some life insurance that they may have purchased on their own, some life insurance that they may have for their children, or their parents purchased for them ages and ages ago. Lots of people have life insurance, lots of people don't. A lot of the people who have life insurance have the wrong kind of life insurance. That's because life insurance is intimidating. After all, who wants to spend time thinking about their own death? But the good news is that life insurance can be demystified. You do not need to be bowled over by a pushy salesman who treads upon your fear of the great blackness that...

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