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Asset Allocation Advice

Posted On: 2007-01-24

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It's Brian Preston, the Money Guy, restoring order to your financial chaos. Retirement, investing, taxes. You've got financial questions, he's got financial answers. It's Brian Preston, the Money Guy.

Welcome everyone out there. This is going to be a big one today. I think you guys usually give me the most positive feedback after we do an investment podcast. And that's exactly what we're going to do today. We're going to talk about the ABCs of asset allocation. Since I am a wealth manager, I obviously have a background in this area, and I think I can shed the most light usually when we get into investments. Just to bring you up to speed for all my new listeners, the people who got the iPods for Christmas have discovered the great world of podcasting and want to tune in to the Money Guy podcast, we are here to restore order to your financial chaos. We've been around now for over a year. This is the podcast you're going to come to hear the advice that all the other financial podcasters will be talking about in three weeks to two months. It's not uncommon, I caught the echo effect of listening to this show. I know you hear other talk radio shows talk about that, but I've noticed that with this show, and I've actually had other podcasters comment that they used my show content to help fuel their podcasts. Now I'm not going to turn them in, get them in trouble, and embarrass them, but they know who they are, and good luck with listening to this and presenting this information.

Also want to say a few quick words before we start talking about asset allocation about emails. Always provide in the podcast the way to contact the Money Guy show. This is, and I always provide my e-mail address which is brian@money-guy.com, you can also go check us out on the website, Money-guy.com, and even sign up for our automatic newsletter that comes out through email to just tell you what's going on with the show. But I want to talk about email specifically. You guys have been writing a lot of emails and I've responded to a number of them, I've even presented a few of them on the podcast show. But I do feel very guilty, and that's why I want to address it here, is because a lot of you have written just outstanding emails, I mean you've put a lot of time in and a lot of heart, and I know you probably think I'm the biggest jerk because I do not respond to all emails, it's just impossible. Please recognize that this is a hobby, I'm not generating any material money from this. It does not pay any bills really, if anything, it's an outflow from buying all the equipment and everything else we've got going on. So if I don't respond to your email, I do try to work it into the show notes, as well as it drives what I focus the podcast special on, and the financial chaos topic. And that's exactly what happened with today's show. A lot of you had sent me emails asking me about what's the difference between what makes a large company, a large company stock, you know, what does that really mean definition wise. Also what's the difference between value and growth, these are types of questions I've gotten in emails, and I haven't responded directly, but I am...

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