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Gold Investment Within Our Economic Status

With the astronomical federal debt and slow economic growth, Americans should be analyzing and spending within their best interest. Though the economic situation in America is improving slowly, national debt is still rising. Steady improvement is happening, but is it enough?

The rate of unemployment in America is still a huge issue. Though jobs are being created, there's not enough to bring the unemployment rate down significantly. It's coming down steadily, but more jobs still need to be created to make the desired improvement. This all goes hand in hand to the average debt of the American household. Household debt is seeing improvement as unemployment improves, but a problem still lies within recent graduates seeking jobs. The rate of student loans versus employed graduates is abysmal. There are simply not enough jobs being created. This leaves many Americans unemployed or underemployed with thousands of dollars in debt from student loans. Fact of the matter, upwards of 123 million Americans are on some form of assistance. Be it food stamps or medical programs, Americans are far from being free of assistance.

Gas prices are too improving, but slowly. Though gas prices fell over the past year, they are starting to rise once again. Because of the many factors and uncertainties that coincide with oil prices such as the conflict in Iran, it's expected to remain relatively high in historical comparison. That being said, inflation is resting. It's only risen about 1.8% over the past year. However, as with gas prices, uncertainties in inflation are imminent should an economic overhaul occur.

National debt is something that is severely dampening our economic growth. With debt rising over 16.2 trillion and counting, it's nearly impossible to pay back in this lifetime. It's a debt that will take generations to pay back in the rate the country is at now. With the lack of a true national budget, it's likely that even more debt is to accrue.

With our current economic status and debt, Americans are seeking alternative investments to secure a future. With the inevitable dollar collapse, what exactly are the best investment strategies? The US dollar is a world-wide currency that circulates through many countries through the trading of goods. A dollar collapse wouldn't just affect Americans, but many countries worldwide. Many Americans are now investing in gold for security. Though Nixon controversially cut connection between gold and dollars, as national debt increases, the price of gold does as well. It seems like it's one of the best investments for Americans. The increase in price over the past 10 years has often been called a bubble. However, gold undeniably preserves the purchasing power of the dollars that were invested into it. As the value of the dollar weakens, gold value is sure to rise.

When inflation is high which is likely to happen, commodities rise, an investment in copper or oil would potentially be very profitable in a hyper inflation scenario. But they are not as practical as gold and silver. It would be difficult to store tonnes of copper or multiple barrels of oil. Precious metals mainly gold and silver have been used as money since the birth of monetary systems. They are safe investment purely due to the fact that will never be worth nothing unlike shares in a company that can potentially go bankrupt gold and silver will always be worth something...

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Not only in America but in many other countries unemployment is a major issue which every one wanted to sort it out. And coming to the gold, this would never fall always keep on rising. That was a nice article.

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Investing in gold is not a bad idea at all because some will invest in share once the share market is down the value for gold rise. So, investor has a positive opinion on investing on gold. Gold is ever green metal which has value any time so, investor like to invest their money gold.

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