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Lazy Investor Strategy

Posted On: 2006-10-04Length: 48:06

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It's Brian Preston, the Money Guy, restoring order to your financial chaos. Retirement, investing, taxes. You've got financial questions, he's got financial answers. It's Brian Preston, the Money Guy.

October 4, 2006. We're into the fourth quarter of the year, and third quarter wasn't too bad for us unless you had all of your assets in the oil and gas stocks, but other than that, I think we've all done pretty well. I want to talk to you guys, today's podcast, the financial chaos topic, because remember what we're doing here at the Money Guy podcast is we're restoring order to your financial chaos. So we're going to talk about how lazy investors are the wealthiest.

And I know that sounds kind of counter-intuitive to what you would think would happen with investing, but I'm going to give you some insight into what's going on. And I'm not saying that if you sit around and do nothing, save no money, you're going to wake up one day and have millions in the bank, or that lottery ticket's going to finally come your way, that's not what I'm talking about when I say lazy investors are the wealthiest. I'll give you some insight. Part of what we're going to be talking about and what we're going to learn on this podcast is, we're going to learn the hierarchy of investment decisions, the cycle of market emotions and how they can just be devastating to your financial assets if you let those emotions play upon you and hurt your long-term financial viability, the common investing mistakes, how to solve investing mistakes, how to accumulate $1 million by the age of 65, and then insight from Mr. Warren Buffet, the oracle from Omaha.

You know it'd be nice if we were all like Warren where we could all do the great things and act like him, and that's what we're going to try to give you some insight on today. But before we jump in to talking about the laziest investors are the wealthiest and giving you that insight into investing, I wanted to go over a few things on how you can contact me. You can contact me by email, which is brian b-r-i a n@money-guy.com, you can also call our 1-800 number, which is 1-800-762-8502. This is your opportunity to leave us questions, comments, concerns, anything you want to know or let us know about the podcast, this is your opportunity to let it out. Now we've gotten several calls, but I wanted to go ahead and give you a taste of what it sounds like when we get these calls in, so I'm going to play one of these, and then I'm going to encourage you to please call us with additional phone calls in the future so we can get your insight on the air.

"Hey, Brian. I'm from up in the Chicago area and I just tuned in to your podcast today and I usually wouldn't do something like this, that is call in, but I got to tell you, for what you look like, which is a pretty young guy, I was pretty amazed by your level of maturity and insight. I'm one of those guys that have recently the last two years made the jump into trying to become a business owner, going through the ups and downs of course, and everything you say is so right on. Keep up the good work! I just wanted to give you a little bit of encouragement and tell you that I'm impressed. And I look forward to hearing a few more things from you. So take care, and I hope things go well for you. Bye now."

So there's a taste of what it sounds like if you call the 1-800 number. 1-800-762-8502. But I got to tell you...

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