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Posted On: 2007-01-20Length: 15:48

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And I'm Rick Swope and today on our broadcast we want to talk to you about how you can get real time market information. You know, AJ, the markets are very volatile. Obviously that's no surprise to anyone. And one of the things that's so important to traders is having a resource available that's not a week, two weeks, three weeks, a month late. It's getting feedback, getting ideas, talking to other traders in real time, so that's really what we want to chat about today.

That's right, Rick. You know, and today is the 19th of January, we're dating this like we do always to make sure that if we talk about a stock you can go back and look at the charts. But more importantly Rick and I are here to talk to you about how to get involved with a live session so that you can ask your questions and get them answered right away without having to wait a week. Now Rick, last broadcast we did was yesterday. We had a great format where we talked about risk management and questions came in and actually drove the whole presentation.

That's right. The format that we're talking about or the venue that we're talking about is called webinar. Some of you may be familiar with that, others may not. So let's define very briefly what a webinar is. A webinar is nothing more than a short seminar on the Internet. And it works like this, it's very easy. You sign up for it, I want to point out, by the way, these are free. You sign up for it and you're going to get a link in your email. That link on the day and time of the broadcast, you click on it. At that point you're going to be taken to the webinar site, or the seminar location, so to speak. The only thing you need is a computer with Internet access and some type of audio device, speakers on your computers, external speakers, or whatever. Then, in a live session, AJ and I are hosting these and we're presenting some topic. You have the ability then to sit back and see on your computer screen everything exactly as we're executing it on our computer screen, and then you hear us live over your computer Internet connection, whatever audio you have. You also have the ability to ask questions, via this question and answer box that simply lets you type in your question. It gets sent right to us, we respond back. Now, that's kind of a quick overview. AJ, maybe you want to chat a little bit about some of the topics and some of the formats that we use on these webinars.

Well, in order to get to the seminar page, or the webinar page, you have to go to www.etrade.com/seminars. Seminars, plural. So it's www.etrade.com/seminars. Now, if you look under the columns you'll see that there's four of them. Many of them are archived and we have the audio and the video podcast that you could access through this website. But the first column is investing, another column is products at eTrade, and the next is trading, and under that column you'll see that there is quite a lengthy list of topics there, and then the fourth...

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