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Skills for Creating and Sustaining Financial Prosperity

Posted On: 2006-03-15
Length: 14:59

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Hi, this is Joan and this is episode 35 of The Prosperity Show. Thanks for stopping by. Today we're going to discuss prosperity skills and whether you have them and what you need to get them. Before we get started, there's a few things I'd like to mention, I want to apologize for the sound quality of the last show. I just got a new mic and I'm doing a different recording set-up, and so it may take me a little bit till I get this just right. And also, I'm doing this, I'm recording this on Monday the 13th for the 15th, and probably won't be able to do another one, could be for 10 days cause, some of you know that I had a detached retina. Well I thought we were done with this, but we've got to re-attach it, which means I have to go through the whole process all over again. This is such a good lesson in accepting the things that you can not change. I'm just smiling through it, although I have to admit that I was not a happy camper when the doctor said we had to do it over again. But I'll be fine afterwards I just can't sit up straight for a week. So I will get to the next podcast as soon as I can.

So let's talk today about the skills you need to create and sustain prosperity. Lot of people do a lot of wishing for prosperity, and when they finally get some money, they haven't got the foggiest idea what to do with it. I've been talking to one of my clients, who, she lives in New York City and has struggled to pay the rent for years. Well, very recently she got everybody's dream. She inherited a million dollars. And knew right away that she had no idea what she was supposed to do. She's getting it in $200,000 chunks, so she's got a little time to adapt, but when you've never had that kind of excess, it takes some skills. And in her case, she had, she was very unattached to money, and paid very little attention to it, or the taking care of it. And one of the things I suggested that she do is that she just put it away for a while. That she take a certain amount of money to take care of the things she wanted to take care of right away, and that she just put the rest in CDs or something very safe for three to six months, just so she doesn't have to make any decisions. And it is amazing what she has been going through. Aside from the what should I buy, what should I not buy, what is afford, not afford mean, how much do I want to save for the future, how much do I want to spend on a yearly basis, what do I want to do working wise. She's a very creative person. So lots of questions come up. And because her old habits were, I can't afford it, I can't afford it, I can't afford it. And she can't say that anymore, she has to have an entirely different response. So, when the money comes, you really have to adapt to it, otherwise you're going to find yourself in the same, not enough or just enough position that you...

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