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Success in Market Trading

Posted On: 2006-10-09
Length: 17:52

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You're listening to The Market Guys.

Hello and welcome to another episode of on-demand radio with The Market Guys. I'm AJ Monte. Rick is on the other line. We're discussing what this program is going to be all about, and it's going to be two parts. This will be a one-two punch from The Market Guys showing you how, number one, how to set your mind in the correct place to make some money here, and number two, where your goals should be with regard to what kind of outlook you have for the market and some of the profit that you're going to be making in the market. So Rick.

Well AJ we've talked to a lot of guests on our shows over the last, well certainly over this past year, but the more we talk to people on our TV show, when we interviewed folks for the podcast, this radio show, when we're talking to people in our live seminars, it becomes more and more apparent to us that while it's great to make money in the market, the thing that we all already know, but are reminded of time and time again, is that money is really just a tool. And it's a tool to really accomplish what we want to accomplish. And in the course of this show and the next show, we're going to talk about some stories, and some examples, but what we really want to focus on at this point is not the games in the market, not the money, not the success, not the material aspect of what we're accomplishing in the markets, but how that can be leveraged and how it can be used as a tool to really accomplish what we want to accomplish in life.

You know that's right, Rick. You know we're sitting here each and every week we take our information that we've learned over the years and we share it. And you know, there's very little that we ask for on each one of these programs except that people really take what they've learned and share it themselves with their family, with their friends and colleagues. I know you and I go back a good number of years now and share this goal. You know, we go into the studio and we meet all kinds of people that are all about the money, and I think you're right. It's about a lifestyle, it's going beyond the dollar and understanding what true success is all about. I know you as a person, and I know that our audience is getting to know us, and I hope they really get to see the foundation on what we're building here.

I'm kind of eager to share a story at this point, and I've not asked for permission from this fellow, but I believe he'd give it to me. I'll only use his first name, but he's a very good friend of mine. His name's Ahmed. And Ahmed, I was just speaking with him today, in fact, and his story would take just a couple minutes to relate this to the audience because I think they'll really appreciate this. But basically Ahmed, is from Iran, and of course, you know in the news today Iran is front and center because of the political climate, because of the you know, tie in with oil the tension that's going on over there, but Ahmed came over to the states back in the late 70s. He...

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