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3 Rules of Selling

Posted On: 2005-09-01Length: 10:02

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Here we go. Welcome to the Pod Show. This is our initial broadcast, starring me, Paul, and Lee.


Our technician, sort of computer geek, almost.

It's not my fault if it doesn't work.

That's right. And my son, Jolly.

Good day.

That's right. And our doctor, Dr. Andy.

Yes, I'm totally straight.

It's true. Ok. Fine. So this show is how to, show you how to make more money in less time, and have more fun. Do we need to play the music the whole time? I'd like you to notice, it took us two hours to figure this out tonight, but we don't have that much to say.

That's right.

That's right, I drank beer the whole time.

That's right. Ok. So here we go. So I guess, let's talk about the story of a friend of mine who started a company, and it was an Internet company. I told this story once before, oh the third time. And the problem was, he focused on the technology, and what he did, where he is now is actually living with his parents in Florida. I hope he isn't blown away.

He's living with his parents.

In Florida. And he used to make a lot of money,

How old is this man?

He's like, 37 now.

Well, I guess it makes sense. He's doing something in technology, he's living with his parents.

Right now, you know, he was really a successful guy until he got totally focused on the technology. He got this company funded for a couple million dollars, which is you know, a good amount of money.

He had a major dating service, or something, is that right?

Yeah, he did something with, he was sort of dating before the whole, you know, dating thing was cool, he was like definitely ahead of the curve. He had really cool technology. I won't mention the name of the company, but

Well, if he lives with his parents, he relates to a lot of Internet daters, doesn't he?

That's true. That's right.

Well, let me ask a question. Did he do anything wrong?

Well, yes. Funny you should ask.

That wasn't scripted.

He probably did everything wrong, is what he did. So, no, he didn't do. What he did is he took the money and he spent it mostly on technology. And this is when I come to, when he were, he and I, I can talk, when he and I were sitting at the ranch in the

Good grammar.

Thank you. In the sauna, he said, "Paul, since I sort of, you know, went through all the money and messed up the company, I'm thinking of starting another one, what should I do differently?" And I said, "well, we'll call him Frank at this point.

Well, if you're running a dating service sitting in a sauna with men, probably is not helping him out.

That's probably true.

Let's be frank.

Let's be frank.

What if we don't do frank.

Ok. No, I won't do frank. Ok, so what happened, I told him what he needed to do was spend the money in marketing as opposed to spending the money on technology. And I've talked, I know another guy who started another Internet company, and it seems to me, especially the computer geeks, no offense, Lee, they keep wanting to make it better. Why do they do that?

Better is better.

Yeah, but, you know it's sort of like, if you make it just perfect, they'll all show up. And it doesn't work. As a matter of fact, I don't think there's much correlation between how well the product works and how well it sells.

But you don't want to disappoint anybody with what you're giving them for a product.

But it doesn't really matter. If they think it works, it's fine. It doesn't really have to work very well. Microsoft's proven that.

That's what he said.

So you're saying that there's a minimal amount of capability, and at that point you stop.

Then it's marketing, marketing, marketing.

So, Andy...

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