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Customer Relationship Management Software

Posted On: 2006-02-28Length: 19:32

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From the studios of Netcast Central, it's Business Success Tips, with the smiling Paul, the applausing Andy, Lee's laughing having a good time, and once a boy,

And once again it's Bob

And Keren.


The name of, it makes we want sushi every time I say his name.

I was thinking of that green can of Japanese beer.

Keren beer.

And sushi, that's a good mix.

So, this show,

And if we had the camera, you guys would see your Skyped in guest, too,

Oh that's right.

Maybe even see introduce him.

Sorry Steve.

Who just appeared out of nowhere.

He's like God, he comes in from nowhere.

Right, he's being Skyped at.

This is proving our business model, we Skype in people from anywhere, we just have to pay attention to them. You know that little red thing on the wall there is very impressive.

You can not ignore the Skypees.

That's right. So Steve, you're going to have to be a pushy son of a bitch so we can hear you, all right?

I'm going to talk over you Paul, watch out man.

Thank you.

So, here's the deal. Now, we're starting this company here, which is going to be pod netcasting in a business channel, hopefully making us all a lot of money and a lot of fun. And we're interviewing actually Bob here is potential talent.


OK. So one of the things you need to do Bob, as talent for the show, is we're going to have people with boring subjects, like customer relationship management,

Accounting software.

Accounting software.

Database management.

Database management.

It gets me hot.

You're all nerds.

He's a psych nurse.

A psych nurse, anything get you hot.

You used to deal with crazy people anyway, so what the hell!

It is contagious.

Yeah, they're usually drooling.

I wonder if Skype will be the next computer virus. I've got a bad case of the Skypees.

The good news, guys,

Where'd you get it?


You fooled around with netcasting.

Oh my god, my computer's got another virus.

Didn't keep it clean.

I didn't keep it clean.

The good news is, our interviewees are typically sales and marketing type, so even though they're in not the most exciting of industries, they can be fairly entertaining guys.

Yes they can. And you know what? We might not think it's very interesting. But they sure do.

So, we have to get the people in the channel, we've got to be entertaining. That's the key. Entertainment first. So here's the deal. This is like, you know, what's my line anyway, right? So, you are going to interview Steve,

All right.

Ok, and just sort of go for it like it would be a real show here.

Well, you see, I've got a distinctive advantage because Steve is an all-around entertaining guy. There's no problem.

Considering the business I come from, I'm damn entertaining.

He's the best of the best.

So ask Steve about his business like he's doing his channel. You're on.

Considering the business that you are from, what is exactly that business?

The business is customer relationship management software. So what we do is we go into small to mid-size companies and provide them with software to help them better manage their sales department, their marketing department and their customer service people. So we give them a database, so everyone in the company knows at all times what's going on with customers and prospects...

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writing service uk said:

This podcast about the Customer Relationship Management Software is so informative. A lot of people like to work on these ideas. This helps us to know about the new things to apply.

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