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Franchising Advice

Posted On: 2006-08-22Length: 55:34

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Hi! And welcome to the show. I'm Anita Campbell, your host, and I am so glad you could join us today for another edition of Small Business Trends Radio. We've got another great show. The topic is "Franchising in the New Millennium-the Latest Trends." Marty McDermott, president of Franchise Interviews is our featured guest today. I will be introducing Marty in just a few minutes from now. Today he's going to be speaking about the ABCs of franchising. For instance, did you know that during the second quarter of this year 95 new franchise concepts evolved? There are so many prospective entrepreneurs interested in choosing a franchise. Listen today and you'll find out where to begin.

Marty is the founder and president of Franchise Interviews. Franchise Interviews gives an up-close and behind-the-scenes look at franchising through their bi-weekly newsletter. He is also a marketing professor for Kaplan University and Gibbs College and he has a bachelor's degree in marketing and an MBA in international business and a post-MBA in entrepreneurial studies from Farley Dickinson University. Welcome to the show, Marty. It's great to have you on.

Hi Anita! Thanks for having me on your show. It's such a pleasure to finally get to speak with you.

Well, that's, terrific. Marty, first, why don't you tell our guest where you're joining us from today.

Well today, Anita, I'm calling from New Jersey. I'm actually in between classes. As mentioned in my bio I'm an adjunct professor for two business schools. I teach marketing for Gibbs College, which is in Piscataway, New Jersey, as well as Kaplan University, which is one of the bigger online universities in the United States. But Franchise Interviews is located in Williams Township, Pennsylvania, and for your listeners who aren't familiar with Pennsylvania, we're right along the Delaware River. It's a nice part of Pennsylvania. We're about 50 miles north of Philadelphia, several miles south of the Easton, and 300 miles east of Pittsburgh, which I understand from Stacey, that's where you're originally from.

Yes, I am originally from Pittsburgh. In fact one guest remarked on my Pittsburgh accent.

I think I recall that. I think I listened to that show, actually. Your Pittsburgh accent. That's something. Have you ever been out toward the Easton area?

Oh yes, absolutely, it's wonderful...

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