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How to Sell Products Online

Posted On: 2006-07-13Length: 29:41

Listen to this podcast

Hello out there in Netcast land!

That's right.

This is Business Success Tips with the usual cast of characters, except for JC's not here tonight.

I aint' the same without JC.

It just ain't the same. We miss him. He'll be here next time. He'll be here next week for sure. But we do have the illustrious Steve with us tonight.

Hey there!

Who is a stockholder and a contributor and I don't know, board member of Netcast Central.

That's right.

And the girls in the back really like him a lot.

That's right.

Chicks dig me.

Chicks dig him.

Andy is here, as usual.

Well, he races and runs, he's in really good

Can I do the introduction? Yeah, I notice that JC complains about that, too.

OK. Andy is here with us, hello, Andy

Hi there.

Ok Paul. Say hello.


And of course this is Lee announcing tonight instead of JC. So what's the topic tonight?

Tonight we're going to talk about how to sell stuff.

Paul's favorite topic.

Wait a minute, that's how the last topic started.

But the last one went totally sideways, you go this whole boring thing about software, which was ok, but we've got to get something exciting

Now let's really test you.


Let's talk about how to sell rocks. How do you sell a rock?

Are these the kind you get off,

Oh geez.

I'll let you pick it.

A rock?

Yeah, how could you

Well, the guy sold the pet rock. That was cool. Remember him?

Yeah. But you've got to come up with something new.

Ok. I'm an Eskimo. Sell me a freezer.

Yeah, that's a good one.

Well, your neighbors have one. Come on!

No they don't.

They don't have one?


You want to be the first on the block.

No, the climate, you know that global warming's happening, we still

That's right. You've got to plan ahead here.

We still keep our stuff cool,

Greenland is melting. You have seen the movie, so you know,

There you go.

You're going to need one in the next 50 years.

That's right,

And they'll go up in price.

It sounds like an inconvenient truth, but I do need a freezer. Is that what you're telling me?

That's right. And so people buy because of what? Fear. Because they're afraid if they don't buy, something's bad going to happen. They buy out of love cause it's something they really want.

Or, the other way to look at it is, people buy because they're in trouble. They see trouble coming, or they see something wonderful happening as a result of them buying.


Ok. I'm going to buy a new car. Now why do I need to buy a new car?

Because your old car sucks!

Your old car has 200,000 miles on it, Lee!

Oh boy, oh man.

Ok. So you drive this car 200,000 miles, poor car, it's rusted, it looks like a piece of shit. You know, nothing works. You know, I'm almost ashamed to drive, now I've never said this to you publicly, but,

Paul, let's go for a ride.

That's right. Can we park around the block?

Ok. So, I'm,

No, but I listen to what you say. Fear of something bad might happen. Ok. My car might break down, right?

Right, and you see, you charge like, whatever it is an hour you charge, co if the car breaks down, you could lose, you know, four or five hundred bucks just because the car broke down.

I heard tonight I don't charge enough.

That's true.

Anyhow, second reason is that,

So that's the same as seeing trouble coming. So fear is the same as seeing trouble coming.

And then there's, what was it, love? Love of what you're buying.


Or seeing something wonderful happening as a result of buying.

Like am I going to get a blonde?

Picture like driving in the gray Z with the top down.

Well that's my gray Z. He's going to get a Camry, come on.

But before you bought it, you pictured this wonderful experience, right?

The chick on the other side.

You didn't need the car...

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