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Making Advertising Stick

Posted On: 2006-12-12

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Hello and welcome to another edition of the Duct Tape Marketing podcast. This is your host John Jantsch, and my guest today is Greg Stewart. He is currently the CEO and president of the New York based Interactive Advertising Bureau, and the author of newly-released, "What Sticks, why most advertising fails and how to guarantee yours succeeds." So we're going to get into all of those very big claims, so Greg thanks for joining us.

Yeah, good to be here, John.

And you are calling in from New York?

Yes I am.

All right. Tell me a little bit about, this isn't on the topic of the book necessarily, but I think there's probably some listeners out there who are curious what IAB actually is and what they do.

Sure, sure, sure. The IAB, or Interactive Advertising Bureau is a non-profit trade association that's focused on really helping to develop the online advertising marketplace. So as a general perceptive, you know, we tend to work for the media side of the business, the ones who have the most stake, tend to make the most money, you know, kind of follow the money on these things, they contribute the most, but the idea is that we use their money in order to make the business work for both markers, helping them be more effective, and helping agencies to, you know, be successful and profit from the medium.

So I assume that some of what is in this book came really as a job hazard, didn't it?

Yeah, well I'll tell you what's interesting is, we actually, the book came from, we started this to solve a very small problem, which is to figure out what should be online for all this new medium, you know, in the mix, and that's all we were trying to do. And it was actually in the process of doing that that we went, oh my god, there's a much bigger problem here because the underlying foundation of marketing is broken.

So now you had a co-author with What Sticks, and we don't want to leave him out. Can we give him a mention here?

Absolutely. Yeah, Rex Briggs, who is the CEO and principal founder of a company called Marketing Evolution which is actually kind of a, and they're actually, if anybody wanted to see more, you can find them at marketingeovlution.com, or just go in through whatsticks.net, and you can actually find him. But he's actually, he's the strategy researcher, he's the guy who really figured out a whole new way of analyzing advertising's effectiveness.

Cool. All right. We'll get into that, but let's break apart your subtitle. So why does most advertising fail?

Well, I'll tell you a funny aside to the whole thing. I don't know if I've ever mentioned this publicly, but you know that section is like the first three, four, the first four chapters of the book really get into why marketing fails. When we first, when we wrote the first version of the book, that was well over 150 pages. And then we realized that, you know, as interesting as that is and you need to set some parameters so that you understand, we need the people to really understand that there is a really serious endemic inherent problem in advertising. A found, is the word I kind of used there before, a foundational problem. And then we said, ok, so there's all these problems and there's all these things that unless you're in essence a CEO or CMO are going to be very, very difficult to fix, how do you really make your advertising work, how do you at...

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