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Marketing Career When You Grow Up

Posted On: 2006-05-06
Length: 21:18

Listen to this podcast

Coming to you from the studios of Netcast Central. It's Business Success Tips.

Oh man, you need to be drunk for this one.

I know. I can't do it the way JC does it.

NO offense, he's got you.

But we're all here. Mr. Paul Sanneman.

How do you do?

Any myself, Andy Cohen. Lee Strong is here, but he's behind the computers over there.

He can't talk.

Whoo hoo. Hello.

Our guests tonight are Steve Chipman, he's not a regular for this show.

Hi there.

And Steven.


Anderson! A hot keyboard player and where do you work? You work at some muffler place.


Oh, that's not just some muffler place.

He has a real job that we'll talk about later.

It's THE muffler place.

It's THE muffler place, and we have one more guest.

We've got the youngest ever guest on Business Success Tips, Colby Chipman. Say hi!


Hey Colby!

Ok. Colby how old are you?

Hello, actually I'm only nine.

Nine. Well that's a good age.

He just had his ninth birthday.

Ok. Cool. So we're going to talk about today, what I want to be when I grow up. Ok? That's the subject. And Colby, you're going to be the star. And we have here people in different positions that have grown up, or tried to, or not. And, we're all going to answer questions you're going to give us about what you want to be when you grow up. And I'm going to like narrate it. So let's go, first, let's see, Steven.


You have a real job.


Ok. So let's talk about a man with a real job. Tell me about your real job, and what you do, and how long you've been doing it.

Eighteen years I've been with Flomaster, the muffler company. I'm in the marketing department so every day is creative, I don't have to do the same thing twice. I get to use the creative side of my mind, and do our advertising and promote the product. Go to shows.

All right, but you still have a boss.

I have a boss.

You answer to the man.

You answer to A man.

A man.

And you do have a W2.


So, you're called a person who has a job.

That's right.

So this is a sample of a person who has a job. He likes the job, good thing. He has a job. Ok. Steven,

You mean Steve?

Well close. Go ahead.

Only my mother calls me Steven.

I thought I'd bring that up.

So Steve.

Next time I'm mad at you, I'll be calling you Steven.

Steve, do you have a job?

Well, some weeks I have a job, some weeks I own a business. And my goal, when I grow up, is to have a business, and not own a job.

And the difference between a business and a job is:

Well, a business doesn't have, you don't have to be there, and you're making more money than you would make if you had a job.

If it doesn't make money while you sleep, it's not a business.

Ok. Good rule.

That's how we look at it. And if you have to be there to have it make money, you own a job, you don't own a business.


That's like some basic rules.

Now, how about if I'm remote, I'm working on it but I'm not there. That doesn't count, right?

It's sort of like sort of pregnant.

I can be in Mexico on Skype and still working on the business, but I'm not there.

So you have a long distance job. That's ok. And you have a cooler job environment because you'd be drinking Mai Tais on your boat in the Caribbean and still be in touch with your people.

That's right. Does it count if you're running your job and you're hammered on tequila?

Yeah, it still counts.

You still have to be there. It's a cool job, but it's still a job.


And Andy,


What's your situation? And I know our fans know it, but why don't you give it to them again.

Uh, I own a business that sometimes owns me, but I don't have to be there, and I don't have to play it remotely.

Oooh. Sounds like a business.

He owns a franchise.

Well, actually it's not a franchise.

Radio Shack is a franchise.

No it's not. It's really isn't.

Looks like a franchise, sells like a franchise.

No, no. We could talk about that...

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