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Marketing Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Posted On: 2007-01-12Length:

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From flyers and coupon books in our neighborhoods, billboards, TV, radio ads, speaking engagements, sales funnels and more, we've all marketed ourselves or our products in one way or another. Boy have we made some mistakes! Some doozies! Let's put all that behind us and talk about the super deadly marketing mistakes, and how to avoid them in the future. Our guest is Adam Urbanski, a marketing strategist and president of Marketing Mentors, Inc. OK, David. Or rather, Adam. Excuse me. Adam, give us some of the, I just made a deadly radio announcer mistake by calling you by the wrong name.

Yeah, I can be a David, or a Dave. Thanks for having me Lee.

Thank you so much. So give us some of those deadly marketing mistakes.

You know, some of the deadliest mistakes start even before you get to the billboards and flyers and any of those tools, and I can think of thousands of them, but let me give you four that I see people make all the time. First, one would be not marketing at all and believing that marketing's for big companies only. The second one, the huge one, is not having a marketing plan, followed by the third one, and that is not having any marketing systems, and reinventing the wheel over and over. And the final one is not leveraging what you already have in place, the assets you've created for your company, and not maximizing the profitability you could have from using them over and over.

Ok. So you talk about a marketing plan and a marketing system. What's the difference?

Well a huge difference. Marketing plan address what you want to accomplish, what you want to do, and why you want to do it in the first place. It's more of a setting the goals situation and mapping the pathway. Systems is about how it will be done. So let me give you an example. Marketing plan needs to address who you want to work with, what problems you're going to solve for them, what specifically will be your solution. Marketing systems is about how you going to execute this. Marketing system will map out, you know, there's really four components-it's attraction, conversion, retention and leveraging, and how well you do all of this. That's what your marketing system takes care of.

We're speaking with Adam Urbanski, marketing strategist and he's president of Marketing Mentor's Inc. And you can reach them at www.themarketingmentors.com. So how is, how can we differentiate ourselves from competitors?

You know, most people just want to make a sale. And they constantly repeat their typical sales pitch. One of the best differentiating factor is removing the sales pitch that everybody wants to run from and hide from and avoid, and replacing it with an educational message.

Give us an example.

Well, for example, if you receive a cold call from somebody in the middle of a dinner, you despise him, you don't want to talk to him. However, if you find an article online in a magazine that solves one of your problems, that addresses one of your concerns, you'd gladly take three, five, ten minutes or even an hour and read the article, or for example, if you find a teleseminar or a recording of something that interests you, you will gladly give it all the time they ask you for, because it's information. It's education, and automatically positions you as an expert authority.

I think more and more in today's market we're...

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Case Study Solutions said:

I truly esteem your carry out the occupation and tips determined by you is useful to me. I will impart this subtle elements to my relatives and companions.

superiorpapers discount code said:

This podcast from you people has given me some idea some the mistakes what a businessman do while marketing his products. The solutions are good which can really help the people who have done mistakes in his marketing which can be avoided.

rdp connection said:

Remote desktops are exactly what they are supposed to be !!! We can access our windows 10 pc or laptop from different locations and thats soooo cool!!!

internpro said:

Marketing goes to the next level now. In past people do marketing offline now people do marketing online through internet. I hope this goes all the time up.

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