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Marketing in The Christmas Season

Posted On: 2006-12-25
Length: 16:38

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Hello and welcome to the very last broadcast of on-demand radio with The Market Guys. I'm AJ Monte. 2006 is wrapping up for us, and although it's customary to have both market guys on the line with you right now, I'm sorry to say that Rick Swope is buried under three feet of snow with his family over there in Colorado. They got hit with that storm, and what turned out to be a white holiday season, a white Christmas holiday for Rick and his family is turning out to be a nightmare over there, as many other people from the Midwest and the mountain areas are getting dumped on right now. This volatility of the market is continuing into the weather pattern, and I hope this works out for you. Rick, if you're listening, we're all rooting for you. Now for those who are in the markets and you're listening to this program, last week we talked about the January effect rallying and what that means for the trader. And it looks as though we're starting to see some bits of that tax selling that we were anticipating. However, it's important that you remain on guard. I know a lot of people have been selling out of some of their positions, and they have cash burning in their pockets right now. Don't feel so rushed to get back into the market right away. I think this is a great time to be patient. I think it's a great time to be using your stock selection skills to be able to find some good ones, but also, learn how to use your options to minimize the risk. Now, Rick and I often talk about the one percent rule, and how not to lose a whole lot of money when you're wrong. Well the other side of that is learning how to be patient.

We've also had it on the agenda here to talk about our year in review, and also taking some of our new goals for 2007 and sharing them with you. Trade Smart clubs through Peter Story and Tom Brown has come to be an absolutely phenomenal success, and it continues to be such as clubs are popping up all around the world. If you were to look at the global map that they have posted on their website, in fact you can go to www.tradesmartclubs.com, you'll see the map located under the equity Oracle or options Oracle finder, club finder, you can find it on the map, just search through the site there and you'll find it. You'll see as of Friday, December 22, we have five clubs that have popped up in Europe, and I want you to keep note of the many new dots that are going to be surfacing here. We have people like Seth Israel over in Jacksonville, Florida, we have Jeff Keene out in Chicago area forming his club. We have many others who have expressed interests in starting these clubs, and for good reason. This is the place for those of you who are active in the market to come together in a physical location and build...

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