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Seth Godin and Marketing Advice

Posted On: 2006-08-16

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Hello and welcome to another edition of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast. This is your host John Jantsch, my guest today is Seth Godin, author of, oh, I don't know, Permission Marketing, Unleashing the Ideavirus, All Marketers are Liars, and I could go on with a few more titles, there. But today we're going to talk about a new book, "Small is the New Big," a collection of writings really from Seth's popular blog, and also from some things that I've seen in Fast Company as well. So welcome, Seth.

Well, thank you for having me, wherever here is, it's good to be here.

Well, it's wherever the person listening is where here is, huh? That's the beauty of this technology. Hey, give me if you would, you know, Small is the New Big, there are various articles and a collection of articles, could you sort of weave it together, you know, what's the theme, what's the point that you're really trying to say with this book?

Well, first I've got to say, I just saw the cover of your new book, and I love it.

Thank you.

I think most business books have horrible covers, and I love the sense of motion and stuff. It's good.

Well I appreciate that.

The, my cover is cool, too, by the way. It's got three little cupie dolls on it. I'm very pleased with how weird the cover of my book is. You know, big used to matter. Big companies used to defeat small companies, big ad budgets used to defeat small ad budgets. People talked about economies of scale, they never talked about economies of little. And we were raised and grew up believing that we wanted to work for a big company, have a big job with a big factory, be in a country that had a big army, and all of a sudden big doesn't matter so much any more. All of a sudden, not only isn't big an advantage, but big is a disadvantage. And the theme of the book, even though it took seven years to write, all the pieces fit together under that umbrella, which is, that when you act small, when you treat people with respect and as individuals, when you are flexible, when you are fast, when you are able to listen to the market, when you're able to do things that other people say could never possibly work, all those things are hallmarks of acting small. And when you do all those things, you get big. That in fact, the secret to success today has nothing to do with how big you are, it has to do with how you act. And the book is all about acting small.

Well, that was my next question. You're not really talking about a small business, or a big business, are you? I mean, you just hit the nail on the head there, you're talking about a way of being.

That's right. And what's fascinating, is, you know, like you, I hear from lots of people every day. I hear from plenty of small business people who act like they're stuck, and big and calcified, and I hear from plenty of people who are from big companies who are acting small. And there doesn't seem to be any correlation at all between the size of your business and how you act. It has to do with the attitude, you know, the people at the pizza place...

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