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Tips For a Successful Business

Posted On: 2006-10-31
Length: 19:56

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Hello everybody. It's time for another show. Yes, it's Business Success Tips. I'm Lee, I'm here with Paul.

I'm Paul.

I'm Andy.

Andy's here and that's it for tonight.

We're JC-less.

Now I'm going to tell you JC's excuse. See, I was going up the ranch road, and he was coming down the ranch road, and we drive by, and here's his (?), and I come down in the Z, and I said, JC, you're not going to be at the podcasting. He says, no, I'm really tired, blah blah blah blah, I'm exhausted, I'm just getting over an illness, I've got to work hard the next three days because yesterday's book

Well Paul, let me ask you a question, what night is this?

It's Monday night.

What happens on Monday nights?

Well, some sports fanatics actually really like Monday Night football.

No way.

I happen to like Monday Night football. So does JC.

So my guess is that his sudden tiredness and exhaustion had something to do with Monday Night Football. Now, it just so happened that he was getting to the house before six, what time does Monday Night football start?

Uh, right around 6:30 it usually kicks off.

Oh, interesting.

Yeah actually, Andy, you're looking a little tired.

Could just be a coincidence. So JC's not here tonight because he's sick or watching Monday Night football, or both. Anyway, so if you want him back, he'll be back in the next couple shows. Just send him emails and give him a hard time.

There you go.

scs@sonic.net. So you were

What are we talking about Paul?

Well, we're talking about paradigm shifts here in business.

Paradigm shits is a grandiose word to say. Basically, you want, there's a change in the marketplace, or a change in

Something new.

There's a change in something and everybody resists it. Right?

Well, it's like finding a new girlfriend. Or something like that.

I don't resist that.

Well, it depends on how hard is it to get rid of the old one.

I'm not finding any old ones at this stage.

It's the same thing. If you're married and have two kids, it's really tough to do the paradigm shift, some sweet young thing comes along.


It's hard.

Let's get back on track.

No, I'd rather talk about it.

You know, actually it's the same issue. It's just cause it's so hard to change. We were talking about dentistry, and you have this new fangled dentist, right?

Yeah, we talked about this a little bit last week. I saw that dentist today, and he showed, we talked about last time about how he puts the, he does the new crowns, the systems' called Cerce, and basically

How do you spell that Andy?

C-e-r-c-e. It's from Germany. It combines cad-cam software with a modeling, and a little bit of infrared technology. They put the camera and they spray powder after

You're getting geeky.

After the prep they spray powder, the IR beam has three second to get the image,

What was the operating system?

So he fixed your tooth, right?

All in one sitting, in about two hours he's got the crown, he's got the new tooth, he plugs it in, it fits perfectly, and it costs probably the same, if not a little bit less, probably than a gold crown done the conventional way.

So it costs a grand, a gold crown costs about $1200. So you think that this is a great new technology.

So I say to him, Eldon. His name is Eldon Rice, by the way in Santa Rosa. Eldon, how come nobody knows about this? I tell my buddies on the podcast, they look at me like wow, that's something new. And it's not something new. It's growing around the San Francisco Bay area, it's out internationally, it's a German system.

Ok. So I'll tell you why it doesn't happen, in my opinion. I used to do...

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