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Top of Mind

Posted On: 2006-05-18
Length: 32:18

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From the Netcast Studios, it's Business Success Tips. With Paul, Lee, and Andy. And smoke em if you got em.

That's right. This isn't the 420 show, right, we already did that?

We missed it.

We missed it.

We just forgot about it.

Even though it's actually tomorrow, technically in our world, but we time travel, so it's ok.

That's right. It's Ok.

We're always late.

We're always late, we never know where we are. That's true. That's true. So, here we are, we're going to discuss today, the topic of the day, as far as business success tips goes, is we'll call it top of mind.

Top of mind?

Now what does that mean?

It's like a form of getting high.

It's mean it's all over your head.

It's a way of getting high, right, top of my mind.

Top of mind, it could get it that way. Now what it is, in order to sell something, whatever it is, whether it's your body, or you know, or like a hoe or whatever

Yeah, like you're gonna sell your body, or whatever

How much Paul?

It's bargain basement here, Paul.

I was thinking about selling a hoe. You know, one of those things that

I'll pay you money if you keep it.

Well he has to pay somebody, so

Hoes, rakes, anyway Come on. It's good that you're the top of the mind, because people think about you all of the time. But how do you keep on the top of someone's mind. How do you make sure that every day they think a little bit about you?

I know. Pick me, pick me.

Um, Lee, how does that work?

You have a good relationship.

No I don't.


Well, that's what you're supposed to have.

Or you have a constant relationship.

That's right. Consistent. Constant. Whatever. So, the thing is, if you're at the top of the mind, how do you maintain that?

What do you mean by top of mind?

Yeah, Let's go back to top of mind. What are you talking about?

I still think it's, you, know, you're high.

I think you're in over your head.

No, top of mind means that every day you think about whatever it is. Some people think about money, some people think about sex, some people think about work. But they're always thinking about it all the time.

So top of mind is you, what's at the forefront of your thoughts.

Right. Most of the time.

Ok. It gets their attention.

So, are we going to go around the room and talk about our top of mind?

Well, you better not.

This is a business show, Lee.

This is a business show.

It is?

It is. That's right. And so, how do you stay top, people, Coca-Cola spends hundreds of millions of dollars in advertising, so Coke is on top of their mind. Uh, Nike. Anything that you can just mention, like when you say tennis shoes, people say Nike.


When you say soft drink, people say Coke.


Pepsi. Those people have achieved top of mind. Because when you think about the product, there's the first thing that comes to your mind, is their product. It costs them hundreds of millions of dollars.

Sierra Nevada


It costs them hundreds of millions of dollars to do that. And the reason they keep spending all that money,

Netcast Central.


Money. So, that's an example of how it works. So companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars to be on the top of your mind when you think of a product, and then you, hopefully buy the product. We think of jeans, ok, let's try top of mind. JC, when you think of jeans, what do you think of?

Uhhhh, lost.

Lost, ok.

Andy, when you think of shoes, what do you think of?

Ummm, sneakers.

Sneakers. Somebody's failed.

We haven't said any brand...

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