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Tip of the Day Don't try to Pick Stocks

Don't try to Pick Stocks - Some of us when we have extra money think that we can invest it in the stock market and earn some returns on...

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    Importance of Establishing a 401K

    Posted On: 2006-07-13Length: 1:10:51 Listen to this podcast There we go. This is Johannes Ernharth, for the Johannes Ernharth show. Glad you all are here if you are listening at this point. I've invited a few people to join in with us today and hopefully they'll be able to make their way in. Otherwise, this is the inaugural show and, hoping to get something rolling here as far as Podcasts go and so forth, and get a little bit of, I have this material out there to build on and low and behold came across Talk Shoe within the last 48 hours...

    IRAs and Young Investors Instead of Social Security

    Posted On: 2006-10-02Length: 12:00 Listen to this podcast Doubts about the future of social security? They continue to haunt some investors, but there are others who aren't waiting to find out whether social security will still be around when they're ready to retire. They're taking proactive steps now. More in this Fidelity Personal Finance podcast. According to a survey commissioned by Fidelity Investments, today's 20 and 30 somethings are doubtful that social security will be around to help them pay for their retirement. And rather than doing nothing about it, 47% of investors aged 35 or younger cited concerns about social security as...

    Money Management Retirement

    Posted On: 2007-02-12Length: 18:28 Listen to this podcast Hello and welcome to on-demand radio with The Market Guys. This is A. J. Monte. And this is Rick Swope, with The Market Guys. And today we're going to pick up on a topic that we actually started last week as we were recording our TV show for PBS, and on that show AJ, we had a couple of guests that we thought would make for a great topic for this week's radio broadcast, and that is the whole issue of working into retirement and managing your money into retirement. These folks that we had...

    Organizing Your Retirement Options

    Posted On: 2006-11-22Length: Listen to this podcast It's Brian Preston, the Money Guy, restoring order to your financial chaos. Retirement, investing, taxes. You've got financial questions, he's got financial answers. It's Brian Preston, the Money Guy. It's November 22, the day before Thanksgiving. I want to thank you guys for tuning in today. I don't know if you're going to get this podcast before Thanksgiving, but we do have a special episode today, and I've got even some special tips to tell you how to save money for the after-Thanksgiving specials out there-Black Friday, so hang around for the whole show, and I'll...

    Relying on a Pension

    Posted On: 2007-02-12Length: 13:47 Listen to this podcast Many of our grandparents could count on receiving traditional pensions that typically paid a guaranteed lifetime income. Such pensions promised a secure retirement to workers, with relatively little need to worry about saving or investing for the future. But, for better or worse, times have changed. In this Fidelity Personal Finance podcast, we'll come to grips with the reality that if you're relying on a pension, you may want to think again. But don't despair, because we'll also serve up some tips for safeguarding your savings. The traditional pension has come under siege in recent...

    Savings Plans for Retired Seniors and Pension

    Posted On: 2007-01-22Length: 13:56 Listen to this podcast They say a worker is only as good as his or her tools. And the same is true of savers. Your savings may go much further if you take full advantage of various retirement savings tools available to you. And you'll know you're doing all you can to help ensure that you and your family will enjoy a secure future. We'll describe a three-step savings plan to help improve your retirement readiness, and to help get yourself on track for a financially secure future in this Fidelity Personal Finance podcast. Of course it can be...

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    Definition of the Day General and Administrative Overhead

    General and Administrative Overhead – These are costs related to the operation of a firm the stem form its general functions. It also applies to expenses related to any administrative functions. While these are necessary parts of a company’s overhead, it doesn’t necessarily mean any cost that are the result...

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