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Organizing Your Retirement Options

Posted On: 2006-11-22

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It's Brian Preston, the Money Guy, restoring order to your financial chaos. Retirement, investing, taxes. You've got financial questions, he's got financial answers. It's Brian Preston, the Money Guy.

It's November 22, the day before Thanksgiving. I want to thank you guys for tuning in today. I don't know if you're going to get this podcast before Thanksgiving, but we do have a special episode today, and I've got even some special tips to tell you how to save money for the after-Thanksgiving specials out there-Black Friday, so hang around for the whole show, and I'll give you those tips on things that I have learned to do to avoid the huge lines as well as those doorbuster specials, and see what we can do to save you some money. I also want to tell you that we've got some exciting things to talk about on today's show. We're going to talk about, I have gotten emails from you guys asking, how in the world do I know which retirement option I should choose, whether it's the regular 401K, whether it's the Roth 401K, traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, what are the limitations, when should I use them? I have heard your cries for help, and I'm going to help you on today's show. And I think this is going to be very much an important thing on helping you to prioritize how you're going to save your money. Cause remember what we've talked about in the last podcast we did, which was titled "Retirement in Crisis" is that a lot of your retirement now falls upon your shoulders. You are the one that's responsible for making sure that you save enough money. And now we're going to give you the tools to make sure you're doing it the right way.

Now before we get into the financial chaos topic, which is organizing your retirement options, let's just remind you what we're here for. This is the Money-Guy podcast. We are here to restore order to your financial chaos and help you make good financial decisions. If you want to contact me, you can through email, it's brian b-r-i-a-n @money-guy.com, or you can call our 1-800 number, that's 1-800-762-8502, and our newest addition is our MySpace page and you can go to MySpace and then type in myspace.commoneyguypodcast. We are the money guy podcast, no dashes on that, but you can go look us up, become one of our friends, get all the updates, and I'm going to do an update hopefully in the next few weeks, cause a lot of you guys are pretty unique people.

Jumping right into the financial chaos topic, organizing your retirement options, as I mentioned in the last podcast, this is very, very important. We've had a changing landscape in the way America and retirement works. In the past it used to be that a lot of the responsibility fell upon your employer to save for you through these defined pensions. Those have all but gone extinct, and now the funding is coming from you, yourself, putting money aside, making good investment decisions, as well as keeping your lifestyle in check so that you don't get into a situation where retirement means there is no retirement. Retirement could mean that you work until the day you die. And we want to try to help you out as much as possible to make sure that is not you. But the biggest thing is that you've got to recognize that with this changing landscape, the government realizes that there's problems with retirement savings as well for most citizens, so what they've done...

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