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Posted On: 2005-11-22Length: 20:39

Listen to this podcast

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages, and varieties, we're back again. I think it's show number 16. Once again I'm joined by the usual suspects which happen to frequent this establishment. I've got Lee.


I've got Dr. Andy.

Hi there, howdy, howdy.

And, now I'm going to turn it all over to the Paul, the Sanneman, the business man.

How do you do. Good evening. Hey I'm so excited tonight. We are celebrating,

That was the last show.

We are celebrating our 200th listener, so, our true listeners, don't forget to e-mail us at:


Yeah. We also have, we want to acknowledge our listener in New Zealand.

Yes, that's correct! Thank you for e-mailing us.

Thank you. Our first e-mail.

You are so exciting.

You want to send me a plane ticket, I will come and visit you and stay a while.

I think we owe our audience a round of applause. Whooo!

Thank you, thank you thank you. What a great guy!

Suck ups!

I mean talking is no fun unless someone is willing to listen to it.

That's right. You need an audience.

So, our topic for tonight is....

Is, what should you teach your children about business.

Is that really what we were going to talk about?


It is now.

Well, we just got into

It is now.

I guess so.

Deal with it, roll with the punches.

That's right. OK.

He taught you good.

It's right.

Damn right.

Stick up for him.

So, Lee started off by saying he's going to pay his daughter's rent. Right?

My daughter is struggling with making enough money to pay rent, so

She's pretty cute, too.

So I told her, (laugh) now stop it. So I said to her last month, I said, well, you need to get a job and you need to earn your way, and part of helping you do that is going to be for me to pay only a fourth of your rent, and you pay the rest. And so, push comes to shove, at the end of the month she still doesn't have enough money to pay her rent, and so

And dad is the victor.

And so I offered to loan her the money.

Which she'll never pay back. You know she's never going to pay it back.

She's been paying back another loan already.

So now she's, you're showing her how to get further and further and hopelessly in debt, and she learned it from her dad.

I'd go work in a factory.

I'm showing her that money doesn't grow on trees. It doesn't just show up for no reason.

Right. But you're, I think you're teaching some bad values to your daughter.

I think I'm teaching some good values. Now, what values do you teach?

Ding. Ding. Ding.

Ok, first place, I teach the value of to my son, who happens to be here to defend himself, that there's no correlation between working and making money. They have nothing to do with each other.

That's not what we're talking about.

Yes it is.


Cause what you want her to do to pay back the money is to go find some low paying menial job, at you know like eight bucks an hour

No, what I want her to do is to find a job that she really, really loves and get paid $50 an hour.

So, why don't you show her how to do that?

I've been doing that. Actually, she's been coming to work for me and doing Filemaker work.

And what do you pay her an hour?

$10 an hour.

See! Oh. So what are you teaching her?

That she's got to work he way, well, here's the thing. Do you just hire somebody who doesn't know how to do a job and pay them $100 an hour?

No. But as they learn more and more, you can either (1) pay them by piece work so they can make some more money, or secondly, you can pay them like 15, 20 bucks an hour. Something that's reasonable so

But the bottom line is, you do feel that they should do something in return for their money, right?

The most important thing kids should learn is that they should do something they love. The most...

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