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Financing College

Posted On: 2005-10-14
Length: 27:10

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Good morning and happy Friday to everyone. You're listening to the Financial Aid Pod cast. My name is Chris Penn, and it's Friday, October 14, 2005. It's good to be a Friday; I'm very, very tired today. Just did not getting a lot of sleep last night from some back pain, so if I sound a little funny or stumble over words a little more than normal that would be why. Got my handy cup of coffee right next to me so hopefully its restorative effects will help reduce too many mistakes. Got a great show today, going to cover a lot of stuff and some new Pod Safe music, so let's get started with the news.

17.1 million, that is the number of college students who are currently enrolled in the United States colleges and universities, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. They published the digest of Education Statistics for 2004, which is the most recent update available. The report contains statistics on among other things the enrollments, composition of the college faculty, and degrees awarded by higher education institutions. Few other tidbits on the report besides the fact that there are 17.1 million college students, is that there are also 1.2 million faculty members in degree granting institutions, 0.6 million full-time, 0.5 part-time faculty. In terms of estimated graduates, the estimated number of high school graduates of 2003, 2004 was 3.1 million including 2.8 million public school graduates, and 0.3 million private school graduates. The number of high school graduates is lower than at its peak in 1976, when 3.2 million students earned diplomas. Very interesting, very, very number and data rich report, lots of good stuff in there.

From the Daily Texan, the University of Texas in Austin student newspaper, students got together, very, very glad to see this; some students got together to sign post cards to stating opposition to the Higher Education Act of Reauthorization, the House Bill HR609, according to the article, a number of students came to the realization that this bill would be, not necessarily in their best interest, it would certainly not provide any significant gains of financial aid. As we've covered this HR 609 Bill in the past, the lack of changes in the Federal Student Aid, means that while tuition continues to go up anywhere from 3% to 8% a year, Federal Student Aid is not keeping pace. One piece of general financial news, it's not really student related but, there are now financial aid being dispersed to states from Federal Government for heating bills this winter. It's estimated that heating cost especially for consumers of natural gas is going to be as much as 43% higher than last year. So essentially, if your heating bill was $600 last year at its peak you'll be $900 this year. If it's $300 in the given month, it'll be $450 for the same given month, that's the estimates that are being bantered around by the major media news outlets. Be a good idea if you have any kind of energy efficient appliances, if you have work to do on your house that will improve it's energy efficiency, that you do so because it's just going to get really, really expensive, really, really fast for a lot of people. I would expect to see, and when it comes to college, most college students do not own their own homes that they are usually renting apartments or staying on campus. But I would expect to see additional surcharges on campus for heating and I would certainly expect land lords to start splitting out heating and utilities from the rent. Because, if heating bill expenses continue to climb like they are expected to climb then landlords will actually end up losing money on provided heat. Be aware of that when you're searching for apartments make sure, if you're a student or actually if you're anyone at all searching for an apartment, make sure that you read very, very carefully that the renter's agreement that you sign and it include the amenities that you are being led to believe it includes.

That is the news. Let's move on a little bit to Pod Safe music. We're going to have a couple of new songs from Lynn Julian. We did one her songs yesterday and a new band called Eudora. So let's start off with Lynn Julian with "Pain."


That was "Pain" by Lynn Julian. New Pod Safe music from the Pod Safe Music networks. Lots of really good artists out there, if you are not tuned into the Indie music scene, there are so many good bands that are just worth hearing. Take a look around, you can find them at www.podsafemusicnetwork.com , www.garageband.com, and of course www.myspace.com as well, so if you're looking for new music and new sounds those are definitely the place to go. One other thing, I am going to ask everyone who is a regular listener of the show, if you listen to an artist that you like, and they sound really, really good, iTunes, the new itunes6, allows customer's to rate and review individual songs, albums or artists compendiums in their entirety. If you hear a Pod Safe artist check them out in the show notes and see if they have an entry in the iTunes music store. If they do, please go vote for them, go submit a review of their music, because you've heard the song obviously; you've listened to it on the Pod Cast, go ahead and let the artist know and let the other people who are surfing the music store know that you like the music. It doesn't cost anything to rate or review, you just need to have iTunes music store account, which I believe you can set up for free. It can be tied to things like, if you wanted to do the commercial part, you can tie it PayPal or a credit card stuff like that. But you can just sign up for iTunes music store account in the iTunes. So please support Indie Artists, one by buying their music, and two, even if you don't buy it, which I would encourage you to do; but even if you don't, please review it and read it. Give it the appropriate rating and in the music store and it will help them out greatly when it comes towards presenting what they should or should not be paid for their time and effort. A lot of these Indie Artists are really, really, hard working folks. A lot of them are student's actually or just recent graduates, something that they have picked up in college. Please support them.

All right, today's scholarship update is actually from a press release we saw across the news wires this morning. U.S. Bank announces the 2005-2006 Internet Scholarship program. High school seniors can now go online to access source of college scholarship dollars at www.usbank.com/studentbanking. The U.S.Bank Internet Scholarship program available through the internet will award up to 30 college scholarships valued at $1,000 each to graduates of High School Class of 2006. This is the 10th consecutive year that these are being awarded. Scholarship award recipients are selected through a random drawing process. Students who plan to attend an accredited two or four year colleges in the fall of 2006, in a full-time course of study are eligible to apply. They must be a United States citizen or a U.S. permanent resident. This actually ties into a piece of mail we got in the mail bag. We'll cover that in just a second. This scholarship is going to be available exclusively through the internet between now and February 28, 2006. Internet access is of course is accessible on campus's and in public libraries and things like that but obviously if you're listening to this pod cast you have internet access. So between now and February 28, 2006. What's nice about this scholarship is that it is a random drawing so there are no qualifications beyond the citizenship requirements. So if , this is a classic case of scholarship where you don't have to be the valedictorian, you don't have to be the star quarter-back, you certainly don't have to, you don't even have to be outstanding in any particular way because it's just a random drawing. So it would definitely be a good scholarship to apply for. There are a lot of scholarships like this, so make sure that when you're looking around on the internet for a scholarships to apply for, that you look at the key words in things like this news release. Actually, I'll put a link in the show notes for it as well, because it's worth; when you read something about how scholarships are being presented on a website, you can learn how to pick up key phrases and key words to look for other scholarships that are similar.

Actually this has turned out to be both a scholarship and a little bit of a scholarship search secrets update. All right, let's move on to another piece of Pod Safe music before I give away the entire shop, this time we're going to do new from Eudora, " The Light in the Hole."


New Pod Safe music from Eudora, "Light in the Hole." Great Pod Safe music it's good to hear, just so many good artists out there. I introduced a friend of mine yesterday to some Pod Safe music, some of Rob Costlow's music and she was just blown away about how high quality it really is and hopefully if this whole Pod Media Rights Organization that Adam McCurry's been talking about, takes off, hopefully she'll be able to license some of the music for use in her dance performances. Hopefully we'll be able to continue from out Pod Safe music and Pod Safe artists out there. So again, please lend your support to them.

Let's do a little bit of mail call. I got a nice e-mail from Jim Sumners who writes. I'm new to the whole pod cast thing and I have to say, so far I enjoy yours the most. Well thank you James. And now for a question I completely forgot that I could possibly be eligible for scholarships until listening to the show; I 'm going to start hunting around for them now, because I don't like relying on loans. I've actually get by without loans until last fall. Any way I'm wondering if you have any suggestions on scholarship hunting for a student who is trying to get his GPA back on track and has been in school longer than most. Skipping the long story, my GPA is a shade under 2.5 and is on the way up, and I've been in school since 1998. Well we've talked a lot in the past about the scholarship searching. Really it boils down to just finding tons of them. I think I've mentioned this in the scholarship search secrets pod cast, there are some scholarships that have academic requirements of course, and those are the ones that say you must have a GPA of X to qualify for the scholarship; those scholarships are not the only ones in the game. The best way to find them is to download the .pdf that is in the RSS feed. So if you are a subscribed to our pod cast by that means you'll find the .pdf near the top of the feed. In iTunes, it looks like a little book icon actually instead of a music icon. So you'll see it in there. Check it out, give it a good read but be aware that there's a lot of scholarships out there that have absolutely nothing to do with academic requirements. Classic example, the duct tape scholarship, the people who assemble a prom dress out of duct tape, $5,000 scholarship, nothing to sneeze at no GPA requirements, you just have to have the most creative design.

The David Letterman Scholarship that we mentioned in the weird scholarship show is academically based but it requires you to actually have a GPA below a certain amount because Letterman obviously did not do so well in school, but still managed to be very successful in life So his scholarship are for people who are creative, outgoing, and motivated but not so much on the academic performance front. When it comes to finding scholarships that are suited to your position to suited to where you are in your hunt, go through the search secrets spot, pay special attention to all the sections, the prepatory in the guide where we talk about how to put together your own personal profile. Before you even start hunting for scholarships, you put together your interests, your hobbies, your activities, really just about anything in those veins, so that you have things to search for instead of just trying to find; you type in scholarships in Google and hoping something comes up.

If you happen to be-let's see James has here a link that looks like in his e-mail here. Looks like independent artist, so there will certainly be music composition stuff. Let's see, read through his blog. We've got physical education stuff, comment on spam, things like that. You know really when you look at someone's website and stuff , James is obviously a musician, so there are a lot of music scholarships. Look for Indie Scholarship, look for Independent Musician Scholarships, look for Garage Band Scholarship. In fact, I'm going to try that right now. Let's bring up Google here and see what just comes up. Look for "Garage Band Scholarship." 761 results. There is some stuff out there. Just find the interests of yours, find things that are related to what you're looking for in and also what you want to do in life as well. If you are an inspiring musician, go ahead and pick out the subset of the subfield of the music that you're interested in working in. If you're interested in marketing or promotion, stuff like that; there are scholarships for everything. I do mean everything. I don't know if I want to talk about this on the show, this is extensively a family friendly show, but we will just briefly.

There is such a things as a how should we say, an Adult Entertainment Scholarship. It's for real, it's for people that appreciate that sort of entertainment and who-it's called a Cindy Blank Scholarship or something like that, but basically a bunch of students apparently got in trouble for sponsoring. It was at fraternity at a college; got in trouble for sponsoring a Professional Adult Entertainment Company to come in film something there. They all had their financial aid revoked and stuff like that, the college was very upset with them. This entertainment company said, "Hey, this is not a favor that you are doing do these students, taking away their financial aid just because they allowed us to use their facilities." They didn't even use the students in their production, they brought in their own performers, but they just used the facilities for the authentic college fraternity look. So they said okay, we'll take care of these students financially, but let's establish something else so that people realize that the adult entertainment industry is legitimate industry, it's not just a kind of a shady thing. There are shady people in every industry. So they've established a scholarship out there for people who are appreciative collectors of adult entertainment so it's out there, it's for real. There are scholarships for everything so be aware of that, go search for it, and go find it. That scholarship, I believe that's a $1,000 scholarship, I don't have the details for it. I believe you have to be age 18 or older and be an appreciator of - I believe that there is an essay for it, saying what you like about that industry or its products. Let's change topics real fast and finish up with one more Pod Safe Music.


Jim Fiddler, "Welcome to Cairo Street" New Pod Safe Music from the Pod Safe Network. Really, really like that piece of music, it's just kind of nice ambient stuff with Islamic chanting in the background. Just fun, fun, Pod Safe Music. All right, that's going to do it for today's show; as always show notes can be located at www. Finanacialaidpodcast.com, or at our blog at www.financialaidnews.com/blog. By the way, if you haven't checked out the student loan consolidated blog, it's out there now, [28:55] John Ruddy has been working on that so check it out, it's got a few posts, starting to warm up there so its good, that's excellent we like to see more blogs and more entertainment and information. I'm going to try and crank out a couple of music shows over the weekend. Hopefully get that done and of course Monday, I will be out of the office for family stuff so, they'll be a new music Monday, so even if you don't tune in to the weekend Pod cast, there will be new music Monday, and we'll be back to our regular schedule on Tuesday with more financial aid news and stuff. Until next time, stay tuned, stay subscribed, if you're not subscribed get subscribed, it's really easy; three step only on www.financialaidpodcast.com , if you're listening to us on one of those websites where there's a player built into it. You're going to miss out on getting all the latest and greatest. Get subscribed and you'll also get the Scholarship Search Secrets guide. I wish I could go take a nap but can't so, I'm going to just sign off and make some more coffee. Until next time, take care.

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