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How To Find a New Job

Posted On: 2005-09-13Length: 28:50

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Good morning. It is September 13, 2005. It is Tuesday. We have to cover today, so uh let's get started right away. We are going to do a little bit of news and a little bit of mail call and a whole lot of job cast. Today's topic is going to be talking about how you can find a job, how you can get a job, how you use a job to pay for school, and the best ways to get the job you want as opposed to uh settling for what's available. So let's get started with the news. Topping the news today, multiple reports talking about how the uh Department of Education will not be revoking Financial Aid for Hurricane Katrina victims. So, if you are a student enrolled at a Hurricane Katrina affected school your Financial Aid package will not be revoked. You will not be required to uh be re uh I guess turn around those loans and not give them back to the Department of Education. They are um they are just trying to sort out all the issues. In other news, CNN reports that there are up to 372,000 students from Kindergarten up to college who have been displaced by the hurricane uh and its aftermath so uh the Department of Education clearly has a lot of work cut out for it in the next coming months as it tries to sort out all the education issues, uh everything from which schools are going to be rebuilt and where to um to what to do with Financial Aid. So, keep your ears tuned uh. If you are personally being affected be sure to check in with your school's financial aid office and with the Department of Education to determine if there are any eligibility issues with your financial aid package. Again the Department of Education's phone number is 1-800-4FEDAID, 1-800-4FEDAID. Uh that's the number for it by the way. Um so give them a call if you have any questions about your financial aid status with regard to the hurricane. Now let's kick off uh Tuesday with a little bit of Pod safe music. We're going to do a selection from Karmyn Tyler called "Guilty".


Great new music from Karmyn Tyler via the Pod safe Music Network which is uh podsafemusicnetwork.com if you are a pod caster looking to start a pod cast. It is the place to get your music. Alright let's get to the main feature today which is job hunting and finding a job. Um there are a lot of uh different pieces of advice, different books, different consultants out there and people who charge enormous amounts of money to help find you a job and in many cases they are kind of just rehashing stuff that's already pretty well known. So, uh what we're going to do today is exactly the same thing only we're not going to charge an arm and a leg for it. Um rehashing the things that are well known and pointing you in the direction that you need to go to get a job. Alright, first things first. Um before you get started you have to understand a few things about job hunting. Job hunting is a sales activity. Um the product you are selling is you or specifically the skills and abilities that you have that you can bring to an employer. The only difference that uh between uh a product like you know sweaters, computers, or cars and you is that you can actually talk the customer, which is the employer; out of a sale um sweaters can't talk, so um obviously they can sell on their own merits. So you need to develop good sales skills in order to help a prospective employers understand your real value. How do you develop good sales skills? Lots of training, lots of practice, um check out some good sales books uh like, uh amazon.com, there are some that are, well, a little you know kind of slimy, greasy, you know "Hey how you doing?, check out this latest car we got", but uh for the most part most sales books have some good basic advice. Check out Selling for Dummies which is a very good book. It was written by a guy named Tom Hawkins who does a lot of real estate sales and he's kind of an interesting character. I went to a seminar one of his seminars once but he has some very good basic some good starting places. Number two; job hunting is a news, I'm sorry, is a numbers game. It's a rule of tens. With any kind of sales activity you have a rule of tens. For every one job that you land, you're going to need ten interviews. For every ten interviews that you land you're going to need 100 valid applications, um you know valid times you have applied for a job. For every one hundred applications you will need a thousand good leads. If you want to consider uh two or three good job offers you're going to need to send out two or three thousand resumes. That sounds like a lot and if this were 1975 you would be in a lot of trouble because that would run you thousands and thousands of dollars in paper and postage and supplies. You don't have to do that anymore. Um what you can do know obviously the uh wonder of the internet, the wonder of email. You can send out a lot of resumes. They may not all get there, and we'll talk about that in a little bit. Get in the habit of, you know, if you want two to three good job offers, be ready to send out twenty to thirty resumes a day by email. If you see a couple of really plum jobs you may want to try and go the extra miles for those by sending out a paper application cover letter as well, but email is certainly going to be the best bank for your buck. The next big thing when it comes to job hunting, FU. It is not what it sounds like it's Follow Up. Follow Up is the name of the game when it comes to doing any kind of job hunting. Respond politely but clearly to every response you get from your solicitations. A company may not have a job for your now, but it may in two weeks, two months or two years. Keep a record of those companies that respond with something other than the auto reply. Touch base with your contacts every month or so. If you are hunting for a job, hey check in, be polite, be non intrusive, but check in. Say, "Hey you know I was just thinking about you, I was uh I had applied for a job uh position with the company last week or last month or last year and was wondering if there had been any change in the company's growth." Best thing to do is set up a gmail account. Get a free gmail account so that you can have a searchable index of all of your emails. It's very very handy, it's free, and you get two and half gigabytes of disc space so you'll never run out of disc space for your resume. Last thing when it comes to the overall job hunting, keeping a positive attitude mental attitude and keeping confident. There are going to be two keys and there's going to be a couple of things to uh with that. You need to um take any negativity about you know whatever happened to your last job you know put it aside. Save it for Friday at the pub with your friends or whatever, but you need to have a positive mental attitude and you can do that any number of ways. There is meditations, there is some chanting, there is hanging out with your friends. There's just a lot of good reading for building a positive mental attitude, but you have to have a good mental image of yourself as not only are you looking for a job, which is a new opportunity, but you have a lot to offer whatever company it is that is eventually going to hire you. You have a lot to offer and you bring a lot to the table and get in the mindset of thinking about what it is you can bring to the table, what it is you can contribute to an employer to make them productive and profitable and in return make you productive and profitable. Likewise, being confident about yourself, being confident about your abilities. This is one of the reasons; this is one of the secret traps about people who pad their resumes. There is a lot of talk in the media right now about people who pad their resumes with the director of FEMA, who is a horse association judge a judge, a horse association, before taking out one of the most visible roles in the government. If you pad your resume, your brain then has to keep up with who you are and who you think you are and who you say you are and it's very very difficult to maintain a sense of confidence, a sense of self esteem, and a sense of hey I really get what I am doing when you're trying to constantly remind yourself of what you said you do versus what you actually have done. So, don't pad the resume. It's okay to make things sound good but make them truthful so that you can be confident. You can say in an interview with confidence you can talk about anything that's on your resume. You don't have to fudge it, you don't have to try and guess what you said. You can just get out there and knock it out. Alright, let's move on to talking about your resume. Resumes are very important because they are the thirty seconds that a recruiter is going to see before they decide whether they are going to bring you in the door or not, so it's a very important thirty seconds that you need to maximize. First and foremost when it comes to your resume, your resume should immediately and clearly answer the question, "What's in it for me?" for your every prospective employer, for your new prospective boss. They should have their internal job description in one hand, your resume in the other hand, and if you're qualified for the job, there should be no question in their minds that you're exactly the person they need to call. How do you convey that? Well, when I was doing recruiting which was four or five jobs ago now, I made a point of emphasizing job experiences and accomplishments first, then education and certifications. What can you do? How well can you do it? And will you solve the problems the employer has now and going forward. Even things that seem like mildest accomplishments may be significant to an employer. One thing that I found helped a lot of the people I was working with when I was a recruiter was to provide factual data, to provide hard data. Instead of me saying, "I sold auto parts at a store for summer work" you know that's pretty generic that doesn't say anything about how good of a salesman you are. Tell me more about your accomplishments in a way that's more concrete. "I sold twelve percent more auto parts as a summer job than anyone other associate in the store" tells me that you are an achiever, a can do person. Even if you are just flipping burgers, were you more productive than other employees? Did you help the business further its needs? Were you on time you know a hundred percent of the time? Even the little things, be factual, be concrete about it. Second create a section at the top of your resume that offers a fast bolded list of what you're capable of. It's sort of like the tease or a trailer to the rest of the resume. It should be clean, crisp, short and immediately understandable. I should look at that list as a prospective employer and go oh okay these are the things that looks like this is going to be the right person for the job. Let me read a little bit more now and see what's in it. As you iterate through your previous experiences on your resume try and stick to the bolded list as much as possible. It's faster and easier to read for any person in human resources who is scanning resumes just to find some prospective candidates to interview. Remember that hiring managers, hiring assistants, human resources personnel are overwhelmed by just floods of resumes. The economy is still, it's not really growing the way that I think that at least the way that people really want it to and obviously current events are impacting that so those companies that are offering jobs are getting flooded with responses. You want to make it as easy as possible for the people doing to hiring to get relevant information from your resume and that means bullet points. You can elaborate more in your interview. Think of PowerPoint slides almost for the interview. Write a sales oriented cover letter to be dispatched with your resume. Your cover letter should be more than, "Hey please give me this job." Put it in stilted words. I can't tell you when I was doing hiring how many people literally send just a real thoughtless form templated cover letter that does not say anything about their abilities. Your cover letter is a sales tool and as such it should provide ask questions and provide minor yes or no responses throughout. Your cover letter should be targeted towards the industries you would be applying to and should mildly be answering the question what's in it for the employer. On our website financialaidnews.com, if you look at the April 2004 issue of the newsletter there are sample cover letters good and bad. Take a look at those. Take a look at them and compare them to your resume and see how you can tune it up. Number five is kind of a pet peeve of mine. Please for the love of God when you're applying four a job run a spelling checker over everything you have created. Do this several times. Nothing turns off a hiring manager faster than a resume that's illegible, unreadable, or just shows that you have no attention to detail. Get some friends, get some family, get some business associates to read it and review it especially if you have friends who are hiring managers or recruiters, get them to read it. People who have been in the position to hire people in the past can look at it and go oh okay if I had this job opened and you were applying for it I would hire you in a minute or I can't even read your resume it looks like you wrote it with a crayon on the bar. Make sure you have professionals reading your resume not just friends and family. They are helpful too because they can spot little errors and things like that. Make sure your resume is read by professionals because they are going to be in the best position to say oh that was pretty good. Number six. Get a website. It doesn't matter if it's a free site or a site you pay for but get a website because you want to make things as easy as possible for a prospective employer. Use your personal website to showcase what you're capable of and to offer conclusive proof that you are computer literate which is getting more important with jobs, you're literate about the internet, you willing to go the extra effort to publish things about yourself. If you're going to make a website, make it a good one. Make sure your website offers your resume in four different formats; Microsoft Word, plain text, HTML, and an Adobe Acrobat PDF and there's a lot of free ways to do this. A lot of it uses open office. That can be found at openoffice.com. It's a great way to get a different set of formats out there. You don't know what your prospective employer is using.

Number seven. Consider making business cards on your website.

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